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A crypto OTC platform has announced its transformation into a fully transparent crypto exchange.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, December 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Zidric is emerging as a new digital asset exchange. In the most recent development, the company has started offering full transparency to its users to ensure that all investors are aware of their exchange’s activities, financial stability and most importantly, the safety of their assets deposited with the exchange.

The new digital asset exchange changes the operation of the centralized crypto exchange market by bringing full transparency and providing quarterly reports on platform activities, financial statements, reserve reports on funds deposited by users and all-time trading records for every executed trade and trading pair. by the user, and more. Since its inception over seven years ago, the OTC trading service provider has executed over two million unique user trades, making it a key player in the OTC crypto market.

The startup is backed by Zidra, which is focused on innovation and growth while developing products and services for the Web 3.0 industry as well as Wall Street firms. Starting with the creation of Zidric as a digital asset exchange, Zidra is now expanding its presence in the cryptocurrency market by creating an ecosystem that spans and serves the entire Web 3.0 industry.

The Zidric cryptocurrency exchange offers a safe and stable trading venue that is 100% transparent and in full compliance with local and international regulations. The exchange will be integrated with Z-Wallet, which is a decentralized wallet that allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly from their decentralized wallet.

The founder of Zidric, a digital asset exchange startup, Goldsmith Wahabsaid,

“Cryptocurrencies are supposed to provide a secure digital way to conduct financial transactions, but the crypto exchange market is still full of risks and challenges. We are building Zidric as a cryptocurrency exchange platform. next-generation digital assets in response to the crypto exchange market’s lack of transparency, security, and simplicity.”

The platform also plans to launch its token, Zidra Coin (ZRA), which can be used across Zidra ecosystem services and the Zidric exchange to save on trading fees and bring other benefits to users of the platform. Additionally, the company strives to develop a robust trading platform that complies with all regulatory standards. Their mission is to create a transparent, secure, and easy-to-use platform to provide a secure and functional way to trade crypto.

In addition, Zidra Group, apart from being one of the leading OTC service providers in the OTC market, also provides services to Wall Street firms, such as forex sub-broker trading solutions, commodities and indices, as well as liquidity provision, technology support, risk management, etc.

Therefore, the Zidra has built the Zidric exchange around the concepts of fairness, transparency, and security. These three concepts are the foundation of a robust cryptocurrency exchange platform, and they traded with them in mind.

About the company – Zidra:

Zidra, an innovation, growth and technology company focused on developing breakthrough blockchain products. The team is made up of strategists, designers, developers and creatives driven to bring all the benefits of Web3.0 to society.

About Zidric Exchange:

Zidric is a highly transparent, reliable, secure and easy to use digital asset exchange. Its strategy of reporting exchange activity, user-deposited assets, and storing most digital assets in offline wallets best protects its users’ assets and funds. Zidric also allows its users to block certain IP addresses and devices from logging into their accounts.

About Zidra Coin:

Zidra Coin (ZRA) is the native cryptocurrency of the Zidra Exchange and the Zidra ecosystem. The Zidra Coin (ZRA) powers the entire Zidra ecosystem. The ZRA coin provides many utilities and use cases in a wide range of Web 3.0 applications and services across the entire Zidra ecosystem. Paying fees on Zidric exchange with ZRA or simply storing ZRA in Z-Wallet brings discounts and other benefits to its users.

Potential users can visit the following links for more information:

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