A Minecraft-style school of crypto has just launched in the metaverse – play, learn, and earn NFTs

As we reported in April, leading crypto hardware wallet Ledger has partnered with The Sandbox, a popular metaverse platform, to set up an education center in the simulated social world.

At the time, it was just a concept. Now it is a reality. Not only has the Ledger team settled into The Sandbox, but they’ve launched a Minecraft-style school that gamifies cryptocurrency education. Players can learn about blockchain and its dangers, while earning NFTs along the way – and they don’t need a crypto wallet to get started!

Ledger’s Minecraft-style Block School

The Minecraft-inspired education hub is called “School of Block,” a nod to blockchain, a technology that serves as the underlying engine for many crypto assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and NFT.

ledger and sandbox

ledger and sandbox (Image credit: future)

According to a Ledger representative, School of Block gives players fun challenges that teach them how to protect themselves against the rise of crypto scams. It’s a fun version of education that teaches users how to be “metaverse ready”. Although Web 3.0 is full of innovative protocols that could cause explosive change in our society, the space is also teeming with cybercriminals who take advantage of uninformed users. So, with School of Block, Ledger discovered a fun and interactive way to teach the masses about the dangers of the crypto world.

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