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Adoption of Bitcoin: cryptos, a popular means of payment in the world?

More and more attractive cryptos – Between August and September of this year, the consulting company Accenture a leader sought with 16,000 consumers from 13 countries in Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America to determine the different trends in terms of payment methods. The research report, titled “Payments become personal”which contains the results of this study, reveals figures on theadoption of cryptocurrencies.

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Cryptos: an investment vehicle rather than a payment method?

In terms of means of payment, most of them consumers prefer use the modes of traditional regulations. 69% of respondents to thestudy still use credit cards for their purchases, while 31% have opted for alternative payment methods. On this last segment, only 4% of consumers indicated that cryptocurrencies were their preferred alternative payment method.

Consumers’ favorite alternative payments – Source: Accenture

Although cryptocurrencies are far from the preferred method of payment for consumers at the moment, 20% of respondents say they hold cryptocurrencies. 28% of them bought cryptocurrency as a long-term investment. 22% dove into the cryptosphere out of curiosity. And 17% use cryptocurrencies as means of payment, while 12% use them for cross-border payments.

Why do consumers buy cryptocurrencies?
Why Consumers Buy Cryptocurrencies – Source: Accenture

On a completely different note, Accenture’s report also revealed that 23% of study participants reported producing trust in crypto wallets to provide a secure environment for payments and purchases.

These figures on the adoption of cryptocurrencies, taken from the Accenture study, are similar to the data that other organizations have published on the same subject. The study of JPMorgan Chase has, for example, shown that the adoption of cryptocurrencies has cancel 10 points in the United States.

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