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American Blockchain PAC and Reaper Financial Announce Strategic Alliance to Advance Blockchain Technology

WASHINGTON, DC – The U.S. Blockchain Political Action Committee (PAC) has partnered with Reaper Financial to advance the blockchain and distributed ledger industry toward mainstream regulatory adoption.

Adelle Nazarian, CEO of American Blockchain PAC, said, “We are thrilled to announce this strategic alliance with Reaper Financial; one of many that we look forward to moving forward on multiple fronts within this fledgling industry that we believe will thrive. This is a very strategic partnership that will stand the test of time in the evolution of many creative projects that we will collaborate on in the short term and in the future.

“Blockchain is the technology that truly makes a free and prosperous America possible,” said Patrick L. Riley, CEO of Reaper Financial. “Democrats want to stop voter suppression, Republicans want to bolster election integrity, Libertarians want decentralized autonomy, the Forward Party wants measurable progress, Americans want less government waste, less wasteful spending, and an end to bribery. Whether they know it or not, everyone is shouting “we want Blockchain!”. Reaper Financial is honored to partner with the American Blockchain PAC.

“We look forward to working with Patrick, who is a future blockchain thought leader and has the creative genius to achieve whatever he sets out to achieve in this industry,” said Todd White, founder of the American Blockchain PAC.

For more information and media requests, please contact [email protected].

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