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Arbswap Launches Nova Accelerator to Support Growth of Arbitrum Ecosystem – Bitcoin News Press Release

PRESS RELEASE. Arbswap, Arbitrum’s native automated market maker decentralized exchange, has seen significant progress over the past few months. Following the migration of its contracts to the Arbitrum Nova network, Arbswap recently launched the Nova Accelerator with the support of Old Fashion Research, a multi-strategy blockchain investment fund. In creating the Accelerator, Arbswap set out to support the growth of the Arbitrum Nova ecosystem through investment and advisory services for projects building on the platform. According to Arbswap, the Nova Accelerator aims to invest $10 million in the Arbitrum Nova ecosystem.

About Arbswap and Arbitrum Nova

Arbitrum Nova is an Arbitrum Layer-2 scaling solution that optimizes transactions at very low cost while providing strong security guarantees. Being the first Arbitrum chain based on its AnyTrust technology, Arbitrum Nova is intended to serve applications that handle high volumes of price-sensitive transactions, such as gaming, social and decentralized exchanges.

As a decentralized exchange, Arbswap aims to provide maximum security and accessibility to users trading tokens on its DEX. Arbitrum Nova boasts high security and low transaction costs, even at high volumes, so Arbswap’s quick decision to migrate to Nova is sure to be a significant first-mover advantage over other exchanges. with “high” transaction costs from the Arbitrum One chain. Furthermore, the various DeFi tools offered by Arbswap, such as liquidity mining, staking pools, and Dasher, a launch product that kickstarts new Arbitrum Nova projects via acquired token sales, make Arbswap a DEX very attractive to various market players.

Combined with Dasher, the Nova Accelerator has positioned Arbswap as a powerful force in the Arbitrum universe, providing projects building on Arbitrum Nova a way to fund and launch their products through the Arbswap ecosystem.

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