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Argo Blockchain: the mining giant avoids bankruptcy thanks to Galaxy Digital

After a financial deal with Galaxy Digital, mining giant Argo Blockchain managed to narrowly avoid bankruptcy. According to data put forward by the company, the latter represents more than 1% of the computing power deployed on the Bitcoin (BTC) network.

Argo Blockchain Avoids Bankruptcy Through Deal With Galaxy Digital

Wheras’Argo Blockchain considers itself close to bankruptcy barely a fortnight ago, the mining giant has found a solution with the investment company specializing in the Galaxy Digital cryptocurrency ecosystem. For this, the company sells part of its mining facilities to its partner, namely those that respond to the name of Helios, located in Dickens County, Texas.

The agreement carries on a transaction worth 65 million dollarswhich will allow Argo Blockchain to take out a loan from Galaxy Digital for up to $35 million, for an initial term of 36 months.

Said loan will be backed by 23,619 Bitmain S19J Pro mining machineslocated on the Helios site, which remains in the possession of Argo Blockchain, as well as β€œsome machineryplaced on a site in Canada. The funds raised by the operation repay more than $84 millionwhich had been borrowed from NYDIG ABL and North Mill Commercial Finance.

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An activity that continues despite everything

With regard to the machines placed on the site acquired by Galaxy Digital, these will continue to operate, thanks to a rental contract agreed between Argo Blockchain and the new owners of the premises. In addition, Argo Blockchain will benefit from electricity tariffs that Galaxy Digital will have negotiated on its side with a supplier.

This installation is significant, in the sense that it would deploy a computing power of 2.36 exahashes per second, which represents a represented 1% of the total hashrate securing the Bitcoin blockchain (BTC) to date, according to data from the CoinWars site. In total, Argo Blockchain would be able to deliver 2.5 exahashes per second on the network thanks to all of its facilities.

In view of this operation, Argo Blockchain has also requested the suspension of the listing of its share on Nasdaq. This should resume today thanks to the conclusion of this agreement. While writing these lines, ARBK stock trades for $0.54 per unit around.

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Source : Argo Blockchain

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