Avelacom Joins STAC Benchmark Council to Design IT Infrastructure for Crypto Markets

“The demand for low-latency access to public clouds has steadily grown and this is driven by the continued institutional adoption of digital assets.”

Avelacom has become a member of the STAC Benchmark Council, which includes more than 400 financial institutions, including the world’s largest banks, brokerage houses, stock exchanges, hedge funds, proprietary trading shops and asset managers, as well as more than 50 vendors of hardware, software, cloud technologies and services.

STAC stands for Securities Technology Analysis Center and Council discusses significant technical challenges and solutions in financial services and develops technology benchmark standards.

Financial firms design STAC Benchmarks to meet their most pressing technical needs, with input from leading vendors.

Avelacom focuses on low latency and cloud connectivity

The provider of low latency connectivity, IT infrastructure and data solutions will bring its expertise based on its track record of building low latency IT infrastructure for the crypto markets associated with public clouds.

Only a few companies have developed high-performance, low-latency network solutions for TradFi institutions that use dedicated physical IT infrastructure and also need the same quality of solutions to access crypto markets located in public clouds. .

Aleksey Larichev, CEO of Avelacom, said, “The demand for low latency access to public clouds has steadily grown and this is driven by the continued adoption of digital assets by institutions. Public cloud infrastructure offers great opportunities in terms of entry costs, ease of configuration and scalability. Still, the market needs better benchmarks for transparency and latency since most participants are new to public clouds. We are happy to join the STAC Benchmark Council and share our experience and ideas as well as be involved in benchmarking with our peers. We hope that our efforts will help mature the critical network infrastructure of crypto markets.

Peter Nabicht, Chairman of STAC, said: “We are very pleased to welcome Avelacom to the STAC Benchmark Council. The issues Avelacom focuses on – low latency and cloud connectivity – are significant challenges for many financial firms.

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