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Battle of Kingdoms: 5×5 Gaming presents the first look at its upcoming historical strategy game coming soon to iOS and Android

SAN FRANCISCO, September 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Have you ever wondered if Roman legionaries can take on crusader knights? In Battle of Kingdoms, you can take command of historical military units from different cultures and eras, and witness their epic struggles as you lead your army to victory!

“We are big lovers of RTS and CCG games, world history and different cultures around the world. We build the battle of the kingdoms to share our passion for these cultures as well as the story behind them .” Explain Deniz Gezgin, founder and CEO of 5×5 Gaming. “Our goal is to create games for people to socialize, compete and have lots of fun.”

Battle of Kingdoms will also give players the ability to turn their most powerful units into NFTs to trade or sell on the global 5×5 Gaming marketplace. “We’re big proponents of digital collectibles and true ownership of assets, so all of our games starting with Battle of Kingdoms will give players the ability to tokenize the characters and in-game items they earn.” said David Demersmain producer of Battle of Kingdoms.

Unlike most games featuring NFTs currently available, Battle of Kingdoms will not have any barriers to entry, such as an initial need to connect your crypto wallet or purchase crypto currency in order to play the game. Players will start earning free NFT cards right from the start and everyone will be able to download and play Battle of Kingdoms for free on their devices, just like any free game you can currently find on the App Stores.

5×5 Gaming is backed by gaming and crypto industry experts, such as Com2uS, 1Up Ventures, Dialectic Capital, Lucid Blue Ventures, co-founders of The Sandbox and YGG.

About the game:

Travel across the world and through time taking part in epic battles of history, leading units of all cultures while learning the history of warfare from 10,000B.VS. until the 1800s.

Take part in competitive multiplayer with a variety of game modes, including team battle and free for all.

Discover your unit’s strengths, weaknesses, and history as you collect more units to lead into battle!

Use unit and culture synergies to make your army even more powerful!

Watch the battle unfold in autochess-style gameplay.

Build your warriors for battle or to trade them in the market.

All the facts about Battle of Kingdoms

  • Real warriors and story events
  • Autochess Style Strategy – CCG Style Collectability
  • Competitive Multiplayer
  • free to play
  • Bridge construction

Available Winter 2022 on Android and iOS devices

About the 5×5 game:

Led by CEO and Founder Deniz Gezgin, the 5×5 Gaming team is made up of industry veterans from around the world. With over 100 years of combined game development experience, 5×5 Gaming breaks out with “Battle of Kingdoms”, a 5×5 Gaming investor-backed free-to-play strategy is backed by gaming industry experts and cryptography, such as Com2uS, 1Up Ventures, Dialectic Capital Lucid Blue Ventures, co-founders of The Sandbox and YGG.

Press inquiries: [email protected]

SOURCE 5X5 Games


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