Beauty and The City Launches Crypto NFT Lip Pencil

Only 1 in 4 crypto holders are women. Still, women make up 53% of those interested in joining the crypto space. Over the past year, we’ve seen a mix of beauty and crypto thanks to non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

NFTs are a new type of blockchain-powered digital asset. Beauty brands are capitalizing on this new technology to bring more women into the crypto space through creative NFT projects.

Over the past year, major beauty brands have started using blockchain.

In beauty, NFTs have been used to launch new products and give fans the opportunity to have a digital collectible.

beauty and the city is one of the new color cosmetics brands making its way into the crypto space thanks to NFTs. The newly launched Beauty and the City Crypto & Beauty NFT includes a Beauty and the City Lipliner, and the BNTC Crypto and Cryptocurrency Newsletter.


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