Big Crypto revamp idea would finally make it popular in Apex Legends Dexerto

An Apex Legends player has completely revamped Crypto’s abilities and come up with some changes that could finally help bring the hacker into the meta.

Arriving throughout Apex Legends Season 3, Crypto never managed to gain a foothold in the meta.

While Respawn attempted to improve its overall power with significant buffs in Season 12, many in the community felt the changes didn’t go far enough.

This is reflected in his extremely low pick rate of just 1.3% in Season 14, putting him at the very bottom of the list in terms of popularity.

Well, instead of waiting for Respawn to fix the problem, one Apex player decided to rework all of Crypto’s kit himself, and he’s getting a lot of praise from the community.

Spawn Entertainment

Crypto has the lowest pick rate in Season 14.

The Concept of Crypto Overhaul Completely Transforms Its Capabilities

Reddit user Senior Astronomer4236 described a “definitive” crypto overhaul on the Apex Legends subreddit, making changes to each of the Surveillance Expert’s abilities.

Starting with a brand new passive, Proximity Firewall allows Crypto to sense the number of squads within 200m while aiming unarmed. This would give the pirate an extra level of awareness and ensure their team isn’t caught off guard by a set of lurking enemies.

For tactical, AstronomerSenior4236 added the original Neurolink Passive which marks enemies 30m from your position on the drone by default and made the drone able to choose materials for its team.

Finally, Crypto has the option to activate his EMP on himself if his drone is destroyed or undeployed. This gives the Overwatch Expert a boost in close-range skirmishes, but comes at the cost of being hit by your own ultimate.

As noted above, a lot of effort has gone into creating this concept, with AstronomerSenior4236 even listing the pros and cons of each change.

Undoubtedly, this revamp would boost the power and popularity of Crypto, something the community has long wanted.

Hopefully, this concept will catch Respawn’s attention and potentially inspire them to make some significant upgrades to the Surveillance Expert’s kit in the near future.

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