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Bitcoin: The Human Rights Foundation funds the ecosystem to the tune of $325,000

Would Bitcoin be useful for defending the rights of citizens? The Human Rights Foundation, an organization defending human rights around the world, has just distributed $325,000 in grants to projects directly or indirectly related to the Bitcoin (BTC) ecosystem for their activities in favor of freedoms individual.

Support for the Bitcoin (BTC) ecosystem

While the mistrust of regulators and part of the institutions towards cryptocurrencies has grown since the fall of FTX, non-profit organizations continue to be at the side of the sector. already, The Human Rights Foundation funded 12 projects around the Bitcoin (BTC) ecosystem for a total of $325,000 distributed.

A non-profit organization, the objective of this foundation is to promote respect for human rights internationally. In addition, the values ​​it defends are close to those of the Web3 ecosystem. by supporting global and secure access to finance for all, as highlighted on its website:

“In 2020, The Human Rights Foundation launched a fund to support software developers who are making the more private, decentralized and resilient Bitcoin network so that it can better serve as a financial tool for human rights activists, to civil society organizations and journalists around the world. »

Regarding the foundation’s recent financial participations, they have mainly taken place in Africa, Central America, South Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. These geographical areas are strategic because these are places where innovation related to the Bitcoin network is growing most rapidly among local populations.

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Who provided these funds?

Regarding the structures that have received a grant, we can divide them into three categories. On the one hand, we find coders who directly participate in the improvement of the Bitcoin blockchain focusing their activities on network security and scalability, such as developers Gleb Naumenko and Matias Furszyfer.

On another side, we distinguish projects focused on the democratization of Bitcoin to the greatest number. As a result, projects like Bitcoin4India and Bitcoin Mountain were rewarded with $25,000 each for their participation in educating people in India and Cameroon about Bitcoin.

Finally, funding has also been granted to the New Belarus and Raseef 22 projects, the aim of which is to improve respect for human rights in regions under political tension. where Bitcoin can be used as a vector of representative democracy.

Since the creation of its fund dedicated to Bitcoin in 2020, The Human Rights Foundation has distributed grants to some sixty developers within twenty different projects, for a total reached at 1.8 million dollars.

If you wish to donate to the foundation:

If you want to submit projects to support, send an email here: [email protected]

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