Bitget Announces “India Learns Crypto” Roadshow to Increase Awareness of Crypto Trading

Bitget, the world’s largest copy-copy exchange platform in the world, has partnered with Octaloop, a blockchain consultancy, to host a series of educational events in six major Indian cities aimed at raising awareness about the crypto in the region. The roadshow, titled “India Learns Crypto,” is set to begin in May and run through July. As part of the India Blockchain Tour, the “India Learns Crypto” roadshow aims to grow the growing blockchain and crypto ecosystem in the region by empowering and inspiring younger generations to use Web3 and ?rypto tools.

The events will feature industry experts and thought leaders to share ideas and knowledge about blockchain technology, cryptocurrency trading, and their potential applications in various industries. Educational events will be designed to meet the needs of beginners and experts alike, with an emphasis on creating a safe and secure environment for learning crypto.

The event will take place in Delhi on May 27 followed by Mumbai on June 3, the roadshow will travel to Hyderabad and Chennai on the 10th and 24th, respectively. The last two cities to host the event will be Bengaluru on July 15 and Kolkata on July 29. Bitget and Octaloop are committed to fostering innovation and education in the crypto space. The “India Learns Crypto” roadshow is a testament to their shared vision of building a robust and sustainable crypto ecosystem in India.

“With over 450 WEB3 startups including unicorns, the crypto landscape in India has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years. It comprises over 11% of total talent with over 25,000 active cryptocurrency and Web3 developers. This indicates a strong appetite for knowledge and understanding in this space. said Gracy Chen, CEO of Bitget. “We are committed to creating a safe and secure environment where individuals can explore blockchain and crypto concepts to unlock the potential of financial freedom. Education is key to driving adoption and awareness, we are excited to share our knowledge and expertise with the Indian community,” she added.

The India Blockchain Tour 2023 is a premier event series that brings together leaders, experts, professionals and enthusiasts from across the Indian blockchain space to network and discuss ideas in a collaborative environment. The tour provides a platform for attendees to gain valuable insights, network with India’s leading Web3 entrepreneurs, and explore the latest trends and innovations in blockchain technology.

As official sponsor, Bitget will showcase its journey in building its WEB3 ecosystem and provide attendees with the opportunity to learn from their team of experts and contribute to the growth of the blockchain ecosystem in India.

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