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Black Friday Ledger: up to $30 in Bitcoin offered for the purchase of a wallet

On Black Friday, Ledger is offering up to $30 in Bitcoin (BTC) for the purchase of a wallet from its range. A perfect opportunity to best secure your cryptocurrencies and get free Bitcoin.

Update: $30 offer has expired, check out the new offer

For Black Friday, Ledger offers you 10% discount for your purchases :

Offer details Promotional code
BLACK FRIDAY : 10% discount with the code BLACK FRIDAY10

Apply discount

Communication from Ledger on social networks:

The $30 and $20 BTC coupons are sold out, but Black Friday isn’t over. From now, use the code: BLACKFRIDAY10 and get 10% off any item.

Receive up to $30 free for the purchase of a Ledger

With the current crisis in the cryptocurrency industry following the fall of FTX, the majority of investors decide to regain full control of their funds.

This is what the famous wallets made by the French company Ledger allow. With a Ledger wallet, you once again become the only master on board and equip complete security for your cryptocurrencies.

If you want to acquire a Ledger Nano X or a Ledger Nano S Plus, know that Ledger has just unveiled an offer allowing you to recover Bitcoin for free.

By purchasing a wallet on, you will be able to benefit from the following rewards until November 28 (in the form of a gift card):

  • $30 in Bitcoin if you buy a Ledger Nano X;
  • $20 in Bitcoin if you buy a Ledger Nano S Plus.

The best way to secure your cryptocurrencies 🔒

🔥 The world leader in crypto security

This exceptional offer is limited to a total of 15,000 gift cards for the Nano X and 15,000 gift cards for the Nano S Plus. This event activated on a first come, first served basis, do not delay if you will benefit from it.

Also note that the maximum number of Ledger wallets per household that can be purchased under this promotion is set at 5.

How to get your bonus in Bitcoin?

When you receive your Ledger wallet, it will come with a gift card and code.

After configuring the Ledger Live application, you can enter your promotional code in the tab dedicated to sponsorship and then following the instructions provided by the application.

Then, within 30 days, you must claim your 20 or 30 dollars in Bitcoin (BTC) in the tab dedicated to sponsorship and provide a Bitcoin address of your choice.

And There you go ! In addition to receiving 20 or 30 dollars in Bitcoin without the slightest effort, you will now have a Ledger wallet to best secure your cryptocurrencies.

The best way to secure your cryptocurrencies 🔒

🔥 The world leader in crypto security

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