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Blocktrade 2.3 Update: A New Era in Crypto Investing

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Discover Blocktrade 2.3: Apple & Google Pay, recurring investments and an improved user experience, transforming the crypto journey.

LUXEMBOURG, LUXEMBOURG, March 29, 2023/ — Blocktrade 2.3 update introduces recurring investment plan, transparent payment methods and improved user experience

Blocktrade is delighted to announce the release of Blocktrade 2.3, the latest in a series of important platform updates. As part of this update, users can now enjoy the convenience and security of Apple Pay and Google Pay as payment methods, as well as the introduction of a recurring investment plan and an improved user experience.

Since the release of Blocktrade 2.0 in October 2022, the platform has continuously evolved, offering zero trading fees, credit/debit card support, new tokens, live chat support and new assets in the NFT, Metaverse and Web3 categories. Blocktrade 2.3 marks another major milestone for the company and its customers, demonstrating a commitment to improving the user experience while adapting to market changes and emerging technologies.

Apple Pay and Google Pay integration

The integration of Apple Pay and Google Pay illustrates Blocktrade’s commitment to providing its users with transparent and secure payment options. These newly added payment methods not only provide an easy and efficient experience, but also protect users’ financial information with advanced fraud protection systems. For example, Blocktrade makes it easy for users to buy xrp using Apple Pay. By incorporating these widely used mobile payment options, Blocktrade expands its accessibility and accommodates the varied preferences of its expanding user base. Additionally, Blocktrade supports buying over 40 cryptocurrencies using different payment methods. For example, to explore different payment options for buying Ripple, visit the “buy xrp” page on the Blocktrade website.

Recurring investment plan

In response to the current bearish market conditions affecting both traditional and crypto markets, Blocktrade has introduced a recurring investment plan. This plan allows users to automatically invest in their favorite cryptocurrencies on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis using the Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) strategy. By consistently investing a fixed amount regardless of market conditions, users can reduce the average cost of their investments and manage risk more effectively.

The DCA is a simple and accessible strategy suitable for investors of all levels and budgets. It is especially useful for those looking to avoid the emotional pitfalls of buying high and selling low, and for those aiming for long-term growth. However, it is important to remember that while this may help reduce the impact of volatility, it cannot guarantee a profit. The strategy may not be suitable for those with a higher tolerance for risk or those looking to maximize returns in uptrend markets.

Improved user experience

Along with the introduction of Apple Pay, Google Pay and the Recurring Investment Plan, Blocktrade 2.3 brings an improved user experience. With an updated user interface, simplified navigation and intuitive investment management tools, the platform now offers an even friendlier environment for new and experienced investors.

Blocktrade is excited to offer these new features and payment methods, making it easier than ever for users to start their investing journey. The addition of Apple Pay, Google Pay, Recurring Investment Plan and enhanced user experience reaffirms the company’s commitment to providing innovative and user-friendly solutions to its customers.

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