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BNB Channel Creators Can Now List Their NFTs on OpenSea – BNB (BNB/USD)

Binance BNB/USD The chain will integrate its non-fungible tokens (NFT) on the NFT market OpenSea Seaport Protocol.

The move will allow BNB Channel producers who wish to display and sell digital collectibles on the OpenSea Marketplace to receive multiple Creator Rewards, Collection Management, and other benefits.

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According Gwendolyn Reginachief investment officer at BNB Chain, one of the largest blockchains by daily active users, “The integration will bring a large number of creators into the larger ecosystem, while empowering creators and NFT initiatives within the BNB Chain ecosystem.

More than 1,300 decentralized applications (dapps) from various industries, such as blockchain gaming, metaverse, decentralized finance (DeFi) and NFTs, are already supported by the BNB ecosystem.

It introduced a $10 million fund last month to encourage blockchain growth.

OpenSea said in September that it would add support for more blockchains and languages ​​to maintain its position as the biggest NFT market in the world.

A multi-chain approach

OpenSea has integrated BNB Chain as part of its ongoing multi-chain strategy.

Market debuted in October on Avalanche, a block chain which is also compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and already supports Optimism, Polygon, Klaytn, Solana, Arbitrum and Ethereum Layer 2s.

According to Dune Analytics dashboardOpenSea generated $318 million in volume in October despite a steady decline in volume since May.

If the market retained 2.5% of each sale, its October revenue would have been $8 million.

According to data from Nansen, taking 2.5% of the volume on the top 10 NFT projects on BNB Chain in the last 30 days would have earned OpenSea an additional $185,000.

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