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Bonk, the crypto that gives back the hair of the beast to Solana

Crypto Paw Patrol – The dog tokens are definitely the stars of crypto! After the Dogecoin and the shiba inusit was reasonable that the trend had passed, but that was without counting on the youngest of the band called Bonk. After a airdrop very popular with the community Solana, the project panicked the counters for a few days before falling back into a certain normality. A small group of developers from Solana had decided to fight the gloom with great snouts and their coup has already succeeded. Grab your leash, we’re taking the dogs out!

The time of a walk, Solana finds colors with the BONK

Difficult to talk about this new cryptocurrency without addressing Solana, one of the big losers of 2022. To say that last year was a long way of the cross is quite close to reality. We even wondered what could brake this endless fall, accelerated in particular by its proximity to certain protagonists of the affair FTX.

However, among the developers of Solanasome don’t have the heart depress. Rather, there is even the idea of ​​bringing back lightness around the blockchain. And what could be better than a community project based on an already proven recipe to relaunch? This is where the dog head token comes in. This is how the December 25thgift day par excellence, the project BONK is started with a airdrop generous for holders of NFT Solana. Immediately, the phenomenon is getting bigger. Its price soars, taking with it the course of the Solana (SOL).

The community has kept a child’s soul and loves these “same parts”
BONK fishing or BONK drinking cocktails, so many humorous situations that the crypto community loves!  Solana finds a second youth with this dog-headed project, hoping that all this will last more than the time of a walk on a leash.
…which now features the essential Shiba Inu from Japansource: twitter

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DogeCoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Bonk (BONK): the war of the three will not take place

Time for a straw fire? In any case, the developers of BONK hope for more than just hype passenger. kWnon member anonymous of the Bonk Inu team gave our colleagues Americans some details about theteam around the project and its peculiarities compared to other canine projects close to his:

“There is no central team. We are all volunteers. We have all been in the Solana ecosystem for a long time and have formed friendly relations over the past two years. [BONK] is already more useful than SHIB or DOGE. There’s not much you could do with it [ces 2 tokens] chain while there are already more than 50 integrations with other projects to use the BONK. There is also no reason to create a new blockchain [pour BONK] because Solana is fast, cheap and scalable. [Nous voulons] bring attention to all the amazing things being built on Solana by supporting the Solana ecosystem with funds from the DAO. »

The plan of these 22 professionals from Solana seems to have worked. Indeed, on-chain data confirms a resurgence ofactivity and D’interests around Solana. Digital Delphispecialist in the matter, even noted that the total number of wallets interacting with Solana had jumped from 83%. Of course, the price of BONK itself has gone down 80% after a meteoric rise. However, the value proposition around this project could make it a competitor serious for the title of crypto’s favorite dog. currently at the 361ᵉ place in terms of capitalization, it is still far from the Shiba (SHIB)16ᵉ and the leader of the pack, Dogecoin (DOGE) in 10th place.

Difficult to predict the trajectory of a cryptocurrency based on a same » but different scenarios are clearly possible. Either a quick return to the niche for the BONKor on the contrary, a real usefulness community for its owners who could project it into the next running of the bulls like a long-toothed outsider. And if Solana to arrive to define its technical problems, there could be surprises on that side.

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