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Cardano NFT: Crypto Kidz Club – The Cryptonomist

This week’s guest on the Cardano NFT Column is a event project focused on puzzles, cryptography and Internet research: Crypto Kidz Club.

Guest of last week was a project build a Play To Earn ecosystem inspired by the famous Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Digimon.

This initiative is a benchmark for NFT on Cardano and every week or two we’ll invite someone over to answer a few questions and give us an update directly from the Cardano community.

Considering many of our readers are new to the crypto space, we will have a mix of simple and technical questions.

Cardano NFT Project: Crypto Kidz Club

Cardano NFT Crypto Kidz Club Project Offers Internet Puzzles and Research

Hey, glad to have you here. Please introduce your team, where are you from, what is your background?

Hi Patryk, thanks for inviting us!

My name is Of and I am the Project Manager. I come from a experience in operations and finance and currently works with a finance team outside of New York.

Our community manager is Badger (he also works with Disco Solaris). Fresh out of college, Badger is working hard to make a name for himself in the CNFT community. Its eclectic mix of specialties includes brewing, fiction writing and charm.

Blinc is our artist and enjoy work in the NFT space.

3ntr0py is our “Master of Riddles”. In his words, it is a “dirty hippie, caffeine addict, code junkie, dreamer and a master of nothing except his creative efforts.

What is Crypto Kidz Club, how do you use NFTs and why did you choose Cardano?

CKC is an event project focused on puzzles, cryptography and internet research. We will publish a standard NFT pfp drop but we have a few more surprises coming that integrate NFT technology in different ways.

CryptoKidzClub NFT
Three Coins from the Crypto Kidz Club NFT Collection

We never want to say we’re “first” to do X or Y with NFTs, but there are a few things we have up our sleeves that we think are going to be a ton of fun for the community.

The reason we started this project was that we wanted to build something entertaining for the community. In everything we do and in all aspects of the project, we are work hard to incorporate some level of intrigue and discovery that will drive that “fun” element.

We have been in a bear market for some time now. What is the construction experience for such a period? Can you share something about your strategy?

Personally, I loved it building during bear market. Those who are still around are truly die-hard fans of NFTs and what they can become. We’re excited to also launch during a bear market because if we can prove our strength in this market, we will be sure to thrive in any environment.

Our strategy has been to make a slow combustion construction. It means that we attract those who are attracted to our basic principle around puzzles. As of now our Discord is actually private and there is no way for anyone to enter unless they “break in” by solving one of the puzzles. Those who break in are automatically given an OG role which will be good after mint with some of the puzzles. They might have a nice advantage for arriving early!

Once we feel comfortable with our core OG community, we will slowly start to creatively open Discord to the public. Those who enter early will still be rewarded with a role, but they will not be considered OG.

We have others marketing elements in place such as specific collaborations, announcements and surprises that we believe will increase interest in the project. However, we are careful about when and how we post these items, as we don’t want to attract the wrong kind of people. We are very focused on build a real community that believes in the FIRST project.

What do you think of the many scams and mat pools that plague the NFT world? How can reputable projects convince the most skeptical users?

This is an excellent question. Unfortunately, I feel like many “scams” were never intended to be rug prints originally.. It’s just in the environment that we find ourselves in with the bear market that some projects don’t sell or their floor price is so low that people will lose interest in the project, except for the handful of people who went “all-in”. In such cases developers feel like they are stuck in a corner and have no choice but to leave the project to the community.

I think for us things are different. We’ve been building this artwork and these puzzles and this tradition since March and while lowering the NFT would certainly increase what we’re able to accomplish and will impact the types of experiences we’ll be able to deliver post-manufacturing, it does not impact the team and the amount of effort and work we will put in after manufacturing.

CryptoKidzClub NFT
Three more NFTs from this project that focuses on puzzles

Great! Closing remarks? Where can people find out more?


Thank you again for receiving us and giving us the opportunity to share our project.

As this comes out, our website will be live and you can learn more about Crypto Kidz Club. As an example of some of the puzzles we run, we have unlocked our website in a unique way – via a puzzle. GIR₳FFE was the first person to solve our puzzle (it took him 3 hours in total!) and he will be immortalized forever by having his name at the bottom of the site. The puzzle is still online and if you want to try, start here.

You can always follow us on our Twitter and our Discord will soon be open to the public!

Disclaimer: The opinions and views of interviewees are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Cardano Foundation or IOG. In addition, this content is for educational purposes, it does not constitute financial advice.


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