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Cboe Names Interactive Brokers, Robinhood, Tastytrade Among Potential Crypto Partners

In addition to ErisX’s spot and futures crypto exchange and clearinghouse, Cboe Digital plans to develop a benchmark data feed to help market participants assess the suitability of crypto execution prices.

Cboe has announced a number of leading retail and institutional intermediaries, liquidity providers and brokers who could become financial partners in the Cboe Digital business, which includes recently acquired ErisX, a regulated crypto exchange and a exchange and a futures clearing house.

Some of these companies include B2C2, DRW, GSR, Hidden Road, IMC, Interactive Brokers, Jane Street, Jump Crypto, Optiver, Robinhood, tastytrade, and Virtu Financial.

Cboe welcomes their participation as business partner companies committed to developing the ErisX and Cboe Digital markets in exchange for a minority stake in the business.

Future financial partners would also form a digital advisory board to work with Cboe on customer-focused solutions to help increase adoption of digital assets and further mature the market.

Cboe Digital Capital Partners to Form Digital Advisory Board

As part of its operation of ErisX and the Cboe Digital business, Cboe plans to form a Digital Advisory Board comprised of a cross section of partner and commercial companies. The committee will be responsible for advising Cboe on the continued development of ErisX’s cash and derivatives markets, and more broadly, Cboe Digital and the digital asset space. Cboe plans to leverage engagement and collaboration with these market players to help accelerate the growth of ErisX as a resilient, reliable and transparent digital asset platform.

Ed Tilly, Chairman and CEO of Cboe Global Markets, said, “ErisX was founded with a mission to bring transparent and well-regulated markets for digital assets and we are excited to further accelerate this vision with the growing support of our partner companies. . Building markets of trust has always been part of Cboe’s DNA, and we look forward to leveraging the combined expertise of our partner companies to help deliver the regulatory framework, transparency, infrastructure and solutions. of data from Cboe to further develop the digital asset market globally. ”

John Palmer, President of ErisX, commented, “We are delighted to have the support of such an amazing group of industry leaders, which we believe further confirms our vision for the Cboe Digital business. Our partner companies share our deep commitment to bringing Cboe’s trusted, transparent and regulatory approach to the digital asset space and we are excited to work together as a collective force to shape and define this asset class now and for the future, for the benefit of all market players.

Cboe completed the acquisition of ErisX on May 2, 2022 as part of its strategy to develop and distribute a suite of digital asset data products. The operator of a US-based digital asset spot market, regulated futures exchange and regulated clearing house will soon be renamed Cboe Digital.

Cboe Digital plans to develop a benchmark data feed to help market participants assess the suitability of crypto execution prices.

Cboe’s cryptocurrency business has also announced a number of big names in the industry as planned business partners to support the business: Fidelity Digital AssetsSM, Galaxy Digital, NYDIG and Webull, among others.

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