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ClimateTrade publishes a comprehensive guide to designing effective Net Zero strategies

Blockchain-Based Climate Solutions Provider Shares Expertise to Inform Successful Decarbonization Efforts of U.S. Businesses in New White Paper

MIAMI, September 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ClimateTrade, the world’s leading provider of blockchain-based climate solutions, today released its first U.S.-focused white paper, titled “A Complete Guide to Designing Effective Net Zero Strategies. Targeted at U.S. businesses, the white paper outlines several of the key decisions a business must make to decarbonize, what options are available, and how a business can move forward to achieve a sustainable and positive environmental impact, while continuing to grow.

“As the world’s largest economy, the United States has the power and influence to lead the world to Net Zero,” said Francois Benedito, co-founder and CEO of ClimateTrade. “Applying our expertise as the world’s leading provider of blockchain-based climate solutions, with this document, we aim to provide U.S. businesses with the necessary knowledge and best practices to develop an effective climate change mitigation strategy that encompasses innovative climate solutions and helps the country – and the world – achieve Net Zero by 2050.”

With a political foreword by Michael Green, US trade and policy advisor recently announced by ClimateTrade, the white paper provides a detailed explanation of what calculating, reducing and offsetting emissions entails, with technical information on emissions scopes, protocol methodology GHG, life cycle assessment, marginal cost of abatement and many other concepts related to decarbonization. In addition, it analyzes the state of carbon markets in the United States, identifies the main American players in terms of climate action and explains how to offset CO2 emissions in the voluntary carbon market.

“While the U.S. federal government has made significant commitments to reduce the country’s overall emissions by 40% by 2030, this falls short of what the scientific community says is needed to mitigate the most catastrophic effects. of climate change,” Green said. “That’s why American companies must step up their efforts to fill the void, applying the best practices and processes outlined in this document to effectively reduce their carbon footprint and drive real, quantifiable change.”

The white paper draws inspiration from leading US sustainability players and provides a comprehensive guide to corporate decarbonization. To support enterprises in their efforts to design effective and cost-effective Net Zero strategies, the white paper describes:

  • How to calculate, reduce and offset your emissions according to best practices.
  • What are the US companies with the best Net Zero strategies.
  • How to navigate between climate commitments and the US carbon market.
  • What leaders are doing in four key sectors: finance, tourism, technology and food.

The full white paper is available for download here.

ClimateTrade plans to hold a virtual press conference for media in the coming weeks to further discuss the key findings and recommendations of the white paper. CEO of ClimateTrade Francois Benedito will also discuss related topics during two panels at the North American Climate Summit in New York on September 21, 2022.

About ClimateTrade

ClimateTrade is a blockchain-based climate pioneer, aiming to drive decarbonization at scale through constant innovation. The ClimateTrade Marketplace enables companies to offset their climate impact by purchasing carbon, plastic and biodiversity offsets, and renewable energy certificates directly from project developers. ClimateTrade opened its first US headquarters in Miami earlier this year. Learn more about



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