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Could DPAT be the most innovative cryptocurrency of 2023?

The drums of progress are beating steadily across the vast expanse of Africa, heralding the arrival of DPAT, the crypto token that unlocks the continent’s vast potential. As an investor, you are always on the lookout for the next big opportunity. And if you’re like me, you’ve heard a lot about Africa lately and for good reason, the continent is booming.

Here we present the new token that changes the perception and gives access to a complicated but lucrative market. Direct Property Africa Token (DPAT) offers an easy way to invest in African infrastructure projects, enabling involvement in Africa’s averted success. But how does DPAT work and what are its benefits?

What is the DPA token (DPAT)?

DPA Token is a protocol that facilitates investment in African real estate and infrastructure projects in major cities like Accra in Ghana and Cape Town in South Africa. The protocol can disperse ownership and governance to users worldwide, allowing the community to have a say in what is integrated, by whom, for whom, and where.

The cryptocurrency offers a secure platform for transactions between international investors wishing to invest in Africa’s 54 growing economies and project developers in need of alternative financing. It also allows investors to take advantage of any tax savings or other costs associated with trading offshore assets. All transactions are guaranteed transparent, safe and immutable thanks to the blockchain.

Native token holders can expect major rewards and incentives including bonuses, transaction fee discounts, governance membership, VIP African safari and city breaks.

How does DPAT work?

The DPAT market will list real estate and infrastructure projects from across the continent in need of financing and capital. Using distributed ledger technology and tokens deposited to assets, anyone, anywhere in the world can invest in these African projects securely and transparently from just $5.

Infrastructure, tooth and commercial construction projects will all be investing on the platform, with examples ranging from developing new communities with safe and secure family homes to projects creating solar micro-grids for the electricity to the construction of state-of-the-art Internet service infrastructure. and all the rest.

The DPAT brand and token price will be strengthened through collaboration with major global partners, critical infrastructure builders and local developers like Jacob West the partner of the first fully cryptocurrency-funded development project The Khari in Accra, Ghana. The DPAT smart contract audit has been successfully completed by SolidProof, and the group has also completed its KYC process with Coinsult.


The infrastructure (roads, railways, ports, airports, energy networks and IT backbone) necessary to meet the demands of population growth and strengthen the continent’s economies is lacking in most parts of Africa. The lack of adequate infrastructure limits the growth of regional trade, imports and exports. Businesses that can connect Africans to markets will inevitably benefit.

One of the advantages of doing business in Africa is high returns and according to the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), investing in Africa offers the highest return on foreign direct investment around the world.

Anyone hoping to capitalize on the undeniable low-risk economic potential of Africa might be wise to take a closer look at DPA Token.

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