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Countries that make terrorism a state policy must face economic sanctions: Amit Shah

The Home Secretary said it was a unique forum for participating countries and organizations to discuss the effectiveness of the current international regime for combating the financing of terrorism and to discuss solutions to emerging challenges. .

“Terrorism today has taken such a formidable form that its effects are visible at all levels. Terrorism is the greatest enemy of democracy, human rights, economic progress and world peace, which we cannot allow to succeed,” he said.

Shah said no country or organization can successfully fight terrorism alone.

“The international community must continue to fight side by side against this increasingly complex and borderless threat,” he said.

The Home Minister said that over the past decades, India has successfully tackled many challenges including terrorism.

He said that with India’s zero-tolerance policy against terrorism, strong framework of counter-terrorism laws and empowerment of agencies, India had witnessed significant reduction in incidences of terrorism and managed to secure strict sanctions in cases of terrorism.

Shah said forensic science is promoted with the aim of endowing the investigation with science and technology and in this direction with the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the first national university of forensic science in the world had been created.

He said the Indian government has also decided to develop national and global databases on crimes such as terrorism, narcotics and economic crimes.

The Home Minister said that to tackle cybercrime comprehensively, the Government of India has established the Cybercrime Coordination Center of India. He reiterated Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s determination for India to be the focal point for international cooperation for “Counter Terrorism (CT) and Counter Terrorism Financing (CFT)”.

“We cannot think of a fearless society, a fearless world without an effective, long-term and concerted fight against all forms of terrorism. The citizens of our nations have entrusted greater responsibility for their protection to the leaders, and it is our duty to fulfill this responsibility,” Shah said.

He said that over the past two decades, the United Nations Security Council had developed a framework to deal with this threat, with the main objective of creating a “counter-terrorism sanctions regime”.

The Home Secretary said that this UN system had succeeded in curbing to some extent the actions of countries that make terrorism a state-funded enterprise, but needed to be further strengthened , made more rigorous and transparent.

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