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Crypto Analysts Predict Exponential Growth For BudBlockz (BLUNT) In 2023

The investment landscape in the crypto industry has evolved significantly over the past year. In the past, reputable crypto investors would put their financial backing behind established coins, but many are now turning to newly launched and promising crypto assets. The bearish 2022 has undoubtedly impacted the investment strategies of many.

The events of the past year are still reverberating through the industry and are evident in the investment strategies of reputable investors. Bitcoin, Ethereum and other major cryptos ended 2022 on a calm note, following bearish trends. For Bitcoin, prices fell almost 65%, the second-worst annual performance since its 73% plunge in 2018. In contrast, Ethereum prices fell almost 67.7%. The disastrous year even got worse after FTX filed for bankruptcy in November.

After a terrible 2022, crypto analysts are now advising investors to back newly launched and up-and-coming cryptos like BudBlockz. Some even predict that BudBlockz could outperform many veteran coins in the long run. So let’s take a deeper look at what makes BudBlockz such a promising project.


BudBlockz will link cannabis culture to the crypto market

BudBlockz is uniquely positioned as an invaluable bridge between the crypto market and the rapidly growing global cannabis industry. The decentralized ecosystem on the Ethereum network allows its users to legally purchase cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes from cannabis e-commerce businesses listed on its platform.

Using BudBlockz’s native coin, $BLUNT, users can purchase cannabis from dispensaries, farms, and factories without revealing their true identity. The cannabis industry is mostly new ground, and with several countries legalizing the use of cannabis, BudBlockz is in a unique position to bridge two sectors that many might have thought were parallel.

BudBlockz will set up dispensaries for an uninterrupted supply

To maintain a functioning business, BudBlockz will set up dispensaries and farms in cannabis-friendly regions to produce premium products and maintain a continuous supply for its users. However, BudBlockz dispensaries will only be an alternative, and the company will effectively work with cannabis growers on its platform to rapidly expand the ecosystem.

The company also intends to bring users into the lucrative market by allowing them fractional ownership of its dispensaries. Users interested in becoming partial owners will need to purchase an NFT from the platform’s NFT collection, Ganja Guruz, and then complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) process.


Powerful $BLUNT token

$BLUNT powers the BudBlockz ecosystem and acts as a digital currency across the platform. Platform users leverage $BLUNT to purchase cannabis products or the Ganja Guru NFT collection. BudBlockz regularly maintains a fixed number of tokens in circulation by regularly burning tokens. So far, the strategy has paid off, keeping the company deflationary with the token maintaining a healthy price rise.


Investors are always looking for an edge in the crypto space. And with investors looking to put the 2022 dip behind them, many are looking to promising projects such as BudBlockz to gain a foothold quickly.

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