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Crypto Exchange OKX Hints At Super Bowl Plans As It Launches Its First Global Ad Campaign

The spot’s theme stems from a survey conducted by OKX in August which found that less than 15% of traders outside of Asia were aware of OKX, despite it being the world’s second largest crypto exchange in volume. (OKX is not available in the US, but its sister exchange, okcoinsis available.) To help it raise awareness, the Seychelles-based brand has tapped some of the biggest names in international sport, a move that could help attract attention from a variety of pre-established fanbases.

“So far, we have focused heavily on just a few key markets… Now is the time to introduce OKX to the rest of the world,” Rafique said in a press release.

The campaign is digital first, but will see omnichannel distribution, including via CNN, out-of-home activations and an audio strategy. Behind-the-scenes clips of sports celebrities will also be shown on YouTube Shorts. And since OKX is first and foremost a financial service, the campaign will favor business-oriented media and commercial communities.

The campaign will be complemented by a contest challenging creators to find new ways to share the OKX brand with their audience. The contest will be on YouTube and Twitter and offers a prize pool of $100,000.

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