Crypto Has Volatility Problem, (SNW) Might Finally Solve It

In March 2022, bitcoin recorded its biggest one-day loss in a year, as it lost more than 22% of its value. For a novice crypto investor, this drop could mean the wiping out of their savings. However, seasoned crypto investors know that it is business as usual in the crypto world. Bull runs registering gains of 2,000% and price corrections removing 99% of cryptocurrency value within days or weeks are perfectly ordinary phenomena. It’s no secret that all cryptocurrencies are plagued by extreme volatility, which makes it exponentially difficult for investors to profit from them.


The Crypto Volatility Problem

Imagine that. You’ve built up a significant savings fund over the past two years and put it all into bitcoin, or any other altcoin for that matter. You have also witnessed regular profits. However, one day you wake up to realize that your funds have been wiped out by 25% in an overnight crash because China banned crypto.

Unlike the case with The Wall Street, crypto trading does not take place on fixed working hours. It’s a 24×7 affair. So even if you track your crypto funds during your waking hours, the price continues to fluctuate when you sleep as well!

The price gaps have shattered all the stop losses you set for yourself, and you are suddenly deep in the “red”.

This is what high volatility does to a market.

Is crypto volatility really a problem?

The best traders in any market – financial or crypto – rely on volatility to make a profit. While cryptos can drop 10% overnight, they can also appreciate by that much in a matter of hours. Day traders bet on such moves to make quick profits.

However, the high volatility of crypto presents some unique challenges for traders. First, the extreme swings ensure that traders track and monitor their cryptocurrencies all the time, so they can enter and exit at the right time. Even minor price changes in the wrong direction can drain them emotionally. Doing this daily can be devastating to your mental health.

Second, long-term investors would not want to waste their time monitoring their crypto investments 24×7. They need a more stable alternative, which is made impossible by the inherent volatility of cryptos. This is why the volatility of cryptos discourages long-term investors, including institutional investors.

It’s here that (SNW) enters the scene. (SNW) brings predictability to your crypto profits (SNW) solves the crypto volatility problem in several crucial ways. First, it uses machine learning to make real-time buy/sell decisions 24/7. Thus, you no longer have to worry about monitoring your crypto funds all the time. (SNW) does this even when you are sleeping.

Second, the (SNW) eliminates your reliance on volatility to earn profits. With (SNW) you make profit with innovative features like Swapping, Yielding, and Staking, which virtually guarantee your profits no matter which direction the market is heading. In other words, volatility doesn’t matter to (SNW) users!

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