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Crypto Influencer Accuses Former SEC Division Director Of Taking Bribe To Declare Ethereum A Commodity – Cardano (ADA/USD), Bitcoin (BTC/USD)

Amid a protracted legal dispute between the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and blockchain company Ripple over the unauthorized sale of XRP XRP/USD coins, crypto influencer Ben Amstrong accused the former SEC director of the corporate finance division William Hinman of having allegedly received a bribe to designate Ethereum ETH/USD merchandise.

Armstrong, who goes by the pseudonym “BitBoy Crypto” on his YouTube channel, said, “William Hinman certainly took bribes. It’s clear.” However, Armstrong said he also refuses to choose between cryptos, adding that his “three biggest holdings are XRP, ADA and ETH, and I refuse to take sides. They all win.

Lack of regulation in the crypto space

Armstrong quoted remarks made by gimbal ADA/USD Creator Charles Hoskinson in support of his claims.

Hoskinson had previously addressed this issue in a series of tweets.

He said, among other things, that Ripple should focus on advocating for greater regulatory clarity rather than alleging the SEC was bought off to ignore Ethereum.

“Analysis of the corruption allegations seems to imply that Ethereum should also be sued by the SEC, but it wasn’t because of any connections. But how does this in any way solve the larger problem of forced cryptocurrencies in a framework that makes no sense? Hoskinson asked.

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Hinman’s comments on ETH obscured by SEC

The regulator’s effort to conceal records relating to Hinman was dismissed by a federal judge in the SEC lawsuit against Ripple.

These recordings relate to his speech at the 2018 summit, in which he said that Ethereum and Bitcoin BTC/USD were not titles.

Meanwhile, Armstrong is busy with a defamation lawsuit he filed against the crypto YouTuber Erling Mengshoelaka Atozy, whom Armstrong accused of defamation in a video posted Nov. 9, 2021, calling Armstrong “a filthy filth who treats his audience for a little money rather than giving them real advice.”

Benzinga contacted Hinman for a comment on the allegations.

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