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Crypto options trading is a form of speculative trading that allows investors to make an investment based on the projected future price of a cryptocurrency. Investors do not buy and hold the actual crypto asset, but earn potential profits even if the underlying asset does not move in the expected direction. Crypto options trading consists of two main types: call options and put options, both of which will be explored later in this article.

Call options and put options

There are two main types of crypto options trading – call and put options.

With call options, you can sell for more if the price goes up. In contrast, a put option buyer benefits from a decline in the price of the asset. Therefore, you can still profit from the trade even if the price of the underlying asset falls below your purchase price.

Platforms that offer crypto options trading

1. Denigrate



4. Delta Exchange



7. LedgerX

8. Binance Futures contracts

9. CME Group

These exchanges allow crypto options to be traded on different underlying assets, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Each exchange offers its own unique features and a wide range of tools that traders can use to make informed decisions. For example, Deribit provides detailed analytics to its users; OKEx has the lowest fees among all other crypto exchanges; BitMEX offers the highest leverage available (100x); Delta Exchange offers customizable options; Bybit uses perpetual contracts; eToroX supports a variety of fiat currencies; LedgerX is regulated by the CFTC; Binance Futures provides one of the most comprehensive order types on the market; and CME Group offers a range of products for institutional investors.

Crypto trading

Benefits of Crypto Options Trading

1. Leverage: With crypto options trading, you can benefit from using leverage to increase your profits. Leverage allows you to open a larger position than what is currently available in your margin account. You can use leverage to magnify gains from all winning trades and offset losses incurred on losing trades.

2. Timeframe: Crypto options trading also offers investors the option to choose a specific timeframe for their trades. This can range from short-term trades that only last a few minutes to longer-term trades that can last several months.

3. Risk Management: Trading crypto options also gives you the opportunity to manage their risk more effectively than traditional investment methods, as you can periodically invest a small amount of money.

4. Low cost: Crypto options trading is a relatively inexpensive form of investing. Since there are no commissions or fees charged, you can open large positions without having to worry about the associated costs.

5. Low risk of losing the initial investment: Your potential loss of the initial investment you made is limited by the price of the option. If, for example, the price of Ethereum does not fall below the price at which you bought it, you will not suffer any loss.

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Risks Associated With Crypto Options Trading


1. Volatility risk: It is possible that the premium attached to an options contract is extraordinarily volatile. During the same day, prices can fluctuate by almost 90 to 100%. For this reason, the market is full of pitfalls for consumers who invest a lot of money in options.

2. Not a Very Reliable Investment Plan: Crypto options trading is comparable to betting and should not be considered a reliable investment plan. You will only be able to make a profit if there is a change in the price of the underlying asset that is in your favor.

What is hedging in crypto options trading?

The practice of using derivatives, like options contracts, to protect against the risk of incurring losses in a particular cryptocurrency investment is known as hedging. This strategy is implemented when an investor wishes to protect himself against sudden changes in the market or a negative evolution of the underlying asset. Putting a trade in the opposite direction of an existing position does this.

Crypto Options Trading Strategies

1. Covered call strategy: Write call options on cryptocurrencies you already own to generate additional income

2. Long Straddle/Strangle Strategies: Buy both a call option and a put option at different strike prices, expecting the market to move strongly in both directions, but cannot predict in which direction it will go

3. Bullish and bearish spread strategies: Use multiple sector call or put options with different strike prices to spread risk while still expecting a profit on one side of your position

4. Butterfly Options Trading Strategy: Combining the benefits of bullish and bearish spreads, the “butterfly spread” is an options trading technique that consists of four call options, four put options, or a combination of the two with three strike prices.


Ultimately, trading crypto options can be a great way to diversify your portfolio and take advantage of the potential gains that come with mining the cryptocurrency market. However, it is important to understand the risks associated with this type of investing before you begin and the strategies you can use to minimize risk while taking advantage of potentially profitable opportunities in the market.

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