Crypto Price Today: Bitcoin (BTC) Rises 0.11%, Ethereum (ETH) Gains 0.12%, Binance (BNB) Rises 0.36%

The crypto market fell into the red on Monday despite small gains in Bitcoin (BTC), Binance (BNB), and Ethereum (ETH). Altcoins like Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA) were trading losses.

The crypto’s market capitalization fell around 0.09% to $808.35 billion, while its trading volume increased by 9.17% to $23.60 billion, according to as of 5:30 p.m. .

Today’s top winner was XDC Network (XDC); it rose 4.03% to $0.02474. The main loser was Neutrino USD (USDN), trading at $0.5737 with a loss of 4.58% in the last 24 hours.

Cryptocurrency prices

Bitcoin: BTC rose 0.11% to $16,747.62. BTC saw volatile trading, with its price hovering between $16,737 and $16,750. However, around 8:50 a.m., BTC saw a sudden drop in price from a high of $16,749 to $16,688.

The highest price of BTC was $16,781, while the trading volume was $12,629,511,443 or up 16.06%.

Binance: Binance (BNB) traded mostly in the green during Monday’s session, up 0.36%, with a price range between $246.94 and $24.8.

Binance’s trading volume fell 26.17% to $713,546,030.

Ethereum: Ethereum (ETH) price rose 0.12% to $1,184.55 in the past 24 hours.

ETH also saw volatile trading, witnessing bearish momentum at 8:30 a.m. when its price was at $1,180. However, it soared to $1,187.68, the highest 24-hour gain recorded at 4:50 p.m. Its lowest price was $1,187.68. ETH trading volume increased by 16.12% to $3,889,333,463.

Other Altcoins:

The price of Solana (SOL) fell 1.00% to $12.28 today.

Ripple (XRP) was down 2.62% at $0.3419, and its 24-hour trading volume was $677.68 million.

Cardano (ADA) fell 0.71% to $0.2642. Cardano’s 24-hour trading volume fell 31.39% to $11,886,651,891

meme pieces

Dogecoin fell 1.41% to $0.07724. Its 24-hour trading volume decreased by 0.34% to $303,473,706.

Shiba Inu rose 2.19% to $0.000008704.

Decentralized finance (DeFi)

Yearn.Finance (YFI) rose 1.01% to $5,654.30. Its 24-hour trading volume fell 1.98% to $12,285,736

Avalanche (AVAX) rose 0.42% to $11.95, and its 24-hour trading volume rose 32.39% to $118,697,938.

Aave (AAVE) was trading with a 0.94% gain at $56.04, and its 24-hour trading volume was $30,190,031.


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