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Crypto Skeptics Unite at First Anti-Crypto Conference

  • The Crypto Policy Symposium event seeks to have discussions between cryptoskeptics, supporters and regulators together.
  • The event aims to provide clarity on crypto issues to government officials, which will lead to the development of appropriate policies.

The cryptocurrency bear market doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. The world’s largest crypto Bitcoin (BTC) continues to trade under pressure at around $19,100. On the other hand, the broader crypto market cap remains below $900 billion.

Amid bearish market conditions, crypto market skeptics decided to rally at the first anti-crypto conference. These bear market skeptics will also rally with lawmakers. This is the first crypto conference of its kind where skeptics come together.

Until now, most crypto conferences have aimed to promote the latest developments in the field of crypto. For the first time, cryptosceptics will have their own conference, Crypto Policy Symposium. In her Sunday blog post, critical crypto journalist Amy Castor said, “It’s a way for us to network with each other and connect with lawmakers to make sure they have the information they need. to shape future policy”.

Stephen Diehl, who is organizing this entire symposium, said this anti-crypto event will provide a way for skeptics to speak directly to policy makers. Beaver wrote:

The primary goal of the symposium, as Diehl explained to me, is to give policymakers access to the information and material they need to make informed decisions about crypto regulation.

Right now, politicians mostly hear from lobby groups, funded by deep-pocketed crypto companies with plenty of venture capital backing. Diehl hopes this effort will bring together experts in the field and policymakers from the European Union and the United States to address issues of public interest.

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Helping the government understand crypto

Well, one of the most common perceptions among crypto proponents and critics is that government officials do not fully understand how the crypto market works. Crypto Policy Symposium organizer Stephen Diehl has invited members of regulatory and financial agencies across the United States and Europe. He said:

White papers are written in all branches of the US government, from the Securities and Exchange Commission to the Treasury Department to the FBI. Biden commissioned all this work and the bureaucrats are woefully misinformed. That’s a problem, and that’s why such work is really important.

Diehl further added that the aim of the event would be to proceed with a clear political framework. Topics for discussion would be Bitcoin politics, environmental impacts, ICOs, NFTs, Web 3, and the current DeFi domino meltdown. Organizers will call panelists from technology, journalism and academia.

Diehl said, “There have been hundreds of other crypto industry conferences, but this is the first where critical voices are welcome to speak freely about these important issues.”

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