Crypto Trading Volume Rises on Swiss Exchange Amid FTX Collapse

The shockwaves of the historic collapse of Sam Bankman-Fried’s crypto empire are still being felt across the industry, but some trading platforms are actually doing better.

The turnover of crypto trading on the main Swiss exchange reached 126.9 million francs in November. This figure is 85% higher than the volumes declared in October. The lion’s share of the volume comes from Ethereum, which represents 25% of the transactions made during the same period.

The Swiss Exchange revealed that a total of 209 crypto products were traded and 10,483 transactions were completed (+120.7%). The highest turnover was recorded by AETH, an ETP on Ethereum, with CHF 26.4 million; most transactions were also recorded by AETH, with 2,551 transactions.

Overall, the Zurich-based market operator saw a noticeable increase in trading activity for November 2022, according to its latest report.

The statistical report shows that the turnover places of exchangeincluding on SIX Structured Products Exchange SA, had a combined nominal value of 93.6 billion francs, up 18% from 79.3 billion francs a month earlier.

In terms of total number of transactions, volumes were reported at 4.70 million, virtually unchanged month-on-month.

Year-to-date, transaction turnover on SIX Swiss Exchange totaled CHF 1.12 trillion, 4.6% lower than in the corresponding period of 2021, while that the number of transactions decreased by 2.1% with a total of 56,842,448.

The highest turnover on a single trading day was recorded on November 30, during which securities with a total value of 8.8 billion francs changed hands. Moreover, the highest number of transactions was recorded on November 11, with 320,121.

SIX’s infrastructure has once again proven to be popular and reliable, providing a solid foundation for new crypto listings. As part of this expansion, Global X, a New York-based exchange-traded fund provider, has joined the ranks of ETP issuers on the SIX Swiss Stock Exchange.

With the listing of Bitcoin and Ethereum ETPs by Global X, a total of 168 ETPs with cryptocurrencies as underlying are offered for trading on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

With its solid experience from the United States, Overall X joins the ranks of SIX issuers and further expands the product line to focus on growing its footprint. This brings the total number of crypto issuers to 14. With 18 different cryptocurrencies as underlying assets, SIX currently offers investors access to 208 products, the largest selection of any regulated exchange.

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