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“Crypto winter is great because the market is getting smarter”: Interview with serial fintech entrepreneur Vladimir Gorbunov | Silicon channels

For a long time, centralized finance has been the primary means of accessing various crypto services. However, as the popularity of decentralized finance has grown, it has become more common for investors to want more control over their assets.

Vladimir Gorbunov is an innovative young Fintech and IT serial entrepreneur who is changing the crypto market with his products. He has extensive experience in the crypto market and managing its volatility. His company connects crypto-banking solutions to a remunerative market with CeFi and DeFi products. The market offers a variety of high-yield products such as yield farming, crypto-insurance, and staking.

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Apart from being part of the crypto industry, the team behind also operates in the CeFi and DeFi sectors. They started their journey in 2017 by launching the Crypto wallet and platform known as Crypterium. After DeFi started to gain popularity, the team expanded its services and eventually became Their vision is to provide the best possible crypto experience by combining the advantages of DeFi and CeFi. is currently raising a $33 million round, despite the crypto winter.

We caught up with Vladimir to understand why is unique, how businesses can attract investment in a tight market, and what the revenue outlook is in CeFi and DeFi.

SC: What is and what market issues are you solving?

Gorbunov: is a brand new solution, an earning marketplace that combines CeFi and DeFi services to provide users with more opportunities to earn on crypto. This matters to the market because the primary audience for retail crypto is people who want to make money: in various iterations, using various means, at various levels of ability, etc. The huge hype around decentralized markets and DeFi has also been proven: this market has grown by over $100 billion in literally two years.

New companies entering the market have incorporated all these mistakes into their risk strategy, like, and we now have a good knowledge and understanding of how to manage this business to avoid the mistakes made before. The centralized side also has a problem with the reliability of their protocols, which are constantly breaking – there are a lot of scams out there, and money is being embezzled – it’s a matter of protection, selection and rating of these products.

SC: Tell us about your general idea.

Gorbunov: We are one of the first companies in the market to unify centralized and decentralized revenue in one place by erasing the boundaries between DeFi and CeFi. Because winning is universal – it’s for everyone.

Our goal as a marketplace is to manage selection, scoring and onboarding instead of competing with everyone else. We are among the first in the market to create a trade origination protocol as part of our Charism platform that allows users to process trades and move their liquidity from the centralized to the decentralized side with very simple steps.

SC: You announced a $33 million Series A round. Could you explain to us why you are actively fundraising at the moment?

Gorbunov: First of all, in the history of, this is by no means a very high number, as the company has already invested over $50 million in development over the past five years. We’ve already secured $15 million and launched stock sales on the Seedrs Platform.

We have thousands of investors participating in our investment rounds because we always give members of our community a chance to participate. In terms of large-scale funds, has seen investments from 24 funds so far, including HS3 group.

During the current crypto winter, many companies have exited the market. But the niche in which we operate, and the sector of the market where we have a commercial sub-section, are all-seasonal. This means that we can operate efficiently in these markets, whether it is during a “winter” or a “summer”. Therefore, at this time, we have the opportunity to attract a new audience and prepare for the next bull run.

SC: Go a little deeper into your product details. How is different from its competitors?

Gorbunov: Our core product is a marketplace that offers the best solutions for earning on digital assets. Instead of competing with market giants, bundles its products and services together so users can easily access them at the push of a button.

Our goal is to provide access to all of the most exciting income opportunities available on the market. This aggregation allows us to offer more choice and simplify the process, ensuring easier availability for different participants, while protecting them from potential losses.

This unification, simplifying the process of entering decentralized and centralized investment products, is therefore the key value.

SC: You are currently fundraising. Where will the funds go?

Gorbunov: The first direction is token management. Our native token CHO has already seen impressive growth since its listing, despite the current crypto winter. CHO is listed on major centralized and decentralized exchanges, such as Uniswap, LBank, Raydium, MEXC Global, and, and there are more to come.

We also plan to invest more in product improvements. We aim to become the market leader as a remunerative market, as well as continue to improve our B2B products. Finally, we will continue to attract new users.

SC: You mentioned that you have already raised $15 million against your stated goal of $33 million. What would be the main argument in favor of investing in you?

Gorbunov: is building a business where everyone who participates in the ecosystem benefits. We offer a product that 90% of the entire crypto space currently needs. The demand for CeFi/DeFi integration and a unified marketplace for earning solutions is something that has already been clearly proven. In today’s market, it’s a key value, and we expect it to only grow in the future. At, we take a step ahead to meet this demand.

We work with funds that understand the value of long-term investments. We base the idea on the tokenomics of our CHO token and its blockages. Even though our competitors initially told us this was a bad strategy, their own practices proved them wrong.

SC: We are in a crypto winter right now. Do you think this is a good time to invest?

Gorbunov: Every winter is great because the market gets smarter. People are losing their rose-tinted glasses and starting to look at things from a “what’s this company got?” perspective. I think the extremely important companies in the current climate are those that have expertise and experience, that have already shown what they can do and get results.

And now we use the existing product as a base to build a new one. I think that good projects can raise funds in all circumstances.

SC: How has the crypto winter affected specifically?

Gorbunov: The team has experience in successfully surviving crypto winters. We made a commitment to launch Charism and other products and we stuck to it. Also, we were on time with the idea of ​​integrating CeFi and DeFi. We are optimistic for the future.

What happens in the market does not affect us at all. In our TVL business, we are not seeing any major changes yet. The totals are basically, more or less, on the same level. Maybe the business is down a bit, but so are the marketing costs; generally, players have changed their approaches. And generally, the players in our market have changed their approaches a bit.

SC: What are your plans for the near future?

Gorbunov: We continue to develop our marketplace. We had a CeFi infrastructure, and now we are developing DeFi and adding CeFi products. We need to pick up our pace, and the new cycle will help us.

We are working on the integration of more complex products, such as arbitrage and portfolio strategies, a portfolio management company and algorithmic strategies for NFTs. We plan to launch the first 2-3 companies in the first quarter, continuously launch new funds, add new funds, and provide new revenue opportunities for our clients.

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