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Dash 2 Trade Raises Over $15 Million – Buy Token Ahead of CEX Listing on Wednesday, January 11 Cryptocurrency

  • Dash 2 Exchangethe new cryptanalytics platform, raised $15.2 million with just one day remaining in its pre-sale overfunding round.
  • Only $200,000 remains on the cap before its IEO on on Wednesday, January 11.

Dash 2 Exchange (D2T) is a new cryptocurrency analysis and social trading platform with an ongoing presale. With over $15.2 million raised, Dash 2 Trade is just $200,000 away from hitting the presale cap with one day to go.

With the target amount expected to be reached in the next few hours, investors have one last chance to buy D2T tokens before the presale ends.

D2T is expected to conduct its initial exchange offering (IEO) on January 11, 2023, as it launches at 10:00 UTC on LBank,, and BitMart – three of the largest centralized exchanges in the space. The D2T token will also be launched on the decentralized exchange Uniswap.

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Dash 2 Trade’s multi-faceted trading platform is a must in today’s crypto climate

Dash 2 Trade is a revolutionary cryptocurrency analysis, signals and social trading platform. Traders can access the dashboard and its tools using the D2T token. It aims to help investors make smart decisions following the uncertainty that plagued the cryptocurrency markets in 2022.

After the collapse of Terra and the bankruptcy of FTX, Dash 2 Trade aims to provide a solution to help crypto enthusiasts make smart trades and investments. It was launched by the team of Learn 2 Trade – a trading community with a user base of over 70,000. The platform’s smart contract has been audited by SolidProofand Sniper check the team.

Through the Dash 2 Trade dashboard, members can access several trading features and tools. Let’s look at some of the included features of the dashboard.

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On-chain analysis based on social sentiment

Using on-chain analysis, Dash 2 Trade aims to research market trends and spot potential price movements in the cryptocurrency markets. However, the trading platform takes into account social sentiments, as well as technical indicators.

In the crypto space, many markets have a strong socio-cultural presence. With the rise of Reddit and Twitter, online communities can often dictate the future of a digital asset. Thus, Dash 2 Trade’s on-chain analysis aims to determine positive or negative social sentiment when analyzing different cryptocurrencies.

For example, an increase in developer activity or online community interest can trigger a change in the movement of a coin. Dash 2 Trade uses this feature to try to identify new trading signals.

Strategy builder and backtester

In an effort to promote individual trading and strategy building – Dash 2 Trade will offer a strategy building tool. By leveraging Dash 2 Trade metrics, users can create and test their future trading strategies.

Dash 2 Trade will also feature a backtester platform, allowing traders to test their strategies without risking real funds. With this feature it is possible to test strategies and see if they are profitable.

Risk profiler

While the crypto markets have provided huge benefits to some investors, many new traders need to familiarize themselves with the high risks involved. Dash 2 Trade will introduce a risk profiling tool, helping traders manage their risk more effectively.

The platform will measure each individual’s risk tolerance and provide them with information on possible strategies and tools they can use.

Scoring system for presales projects

One of the main features offered by Dash 2 Trade is a bespoke scoring system for pre-sale projects. While investing in pre-sales can lead to a big upside, greenfield projects carry a high level of risk.

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This tool will offer a detailed breakdown of the top presales in the crypto space. Dash 2 Trade will rank each presale by evaluating them on several metrics such as tokenomics, development team and more. Thus, investors will better understand how to diversify their funds.

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The D2T token offers direct access to the Dash 2 trading dashboard

D2T is an ERC-20 token that sits at the center of the Dash 2 Trade platform. To access the dashboard features, investors must subscribe to a monthly plan. Dash 2 Trade offers three packages – a Free Tier, a Starter Tier, and a Premium Tier.

  • Free Tier – This plan is free. It has a limited number of tools and features. One can access the Dash 2 Trade market data terminal with the free tier. It also has a limited number of social metrics and pre-sale assessments.
  • Start level The Starter tier offers access to advanced on-chain data, social metrics, backtesting platforms, and auto-trading features. This plan costs 400 D2T per month.
  • Premium level – The Premium tier grants access to the full suite of trading tools – including pre-sale reviews for all tokens, backtesting features, and advanced on-chain analysis. Users can also access weekly trading competitions and have a chance to win D2T as a reward. This level costs 1,000 D2T per month.

Dash 2 Trade beta dashboard looks promising for all crypto traders

While many speculated if Dash 2 Trade’s dashboard features were too good to be true, the release of the beta dashboard sparked even more interest in the project. On January 4, 2023, Dash 2 Trade released its highly anticipated beta dashboard.

Any user can test the dashboard via the website. Just enter their email address and subscribe to the beta dashboard project. Currently, the presale rating system is viewable live. Dash 2 Trade is expected to roll out more features in the coming weeks.

Users can analyze presale scores for multiple new presales in 2023. Each presale receives a Dash score – ranked out of 100 points. The score was based on several metrics, including project development team, marketing, and tokenomics.

As seen in the example above, Dash 2 Trade provides information about the project’s social metrics. Information is also provided on the team’s audit status and KYC.

D2T’s excessive funding cycle helped Dash 2 Trade raise over $15 million

In 2022, the D2T token presale went live with an initial cap target of $13.4 million. However, increased presale demand over the past few weeks has forced the team to launch a short overfunding round. The new Dash 2 Trade token cap target is $15.42 million.

While the token launched in presale for just $0.0476, the current price rose to $0.0556, a price hike of 16.8%. After raising over $500,000 in the last 24 hours, Dash 2 Trade raised over $15.2 million throughout the presale.

The pre-sale is expected to hit hardcap targets in the next few hours ahead of the initial exchange offering. On January 11, 2023, D2T will be listed on, Bank, bit-mart and Uniswap. is hosting a $120,000 D2T token aid.

In the future, D2T will also be listed on Changelly Pro. With an upcoming listing on four exchanges, D2T could face an increase in trading volume. Therefore, this is now the last time users buy D2T during the presale round.

How to buy D2T tokens in presale

Interested readers can access the Dash 2 Exchange Site and login to the presale with a crypto wallet. You will need to hold USDT or Ethereum in the crypto wallet.

Users without a crypto wallet can purchase ETH with a credit/debit card on the Dash 2 Trade platform. You can then select “Buy with ETH/USDT” and enter the purchase amount.

After the presale is over, investors can claim their tokens on the presale website.

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