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Do you want to become a LUNC millionaire? Use this investment strategy

by Industry trends December 1, 2022

Everyone crypto dreams of the day they become a millionaire.

Over the past few months, Luna Classic (LUC) has become a vehicle for those dreams. LUNC pumped 500% in price in early September and raised the prospect of an impossible recovery. The LUNC forums are full of eager investors waiting for the day when LUNC will pump 625,000% from $0.00016 to $1.

But LUNC lacks a few key elements that helped make the original Terra Luna cryptocurrency a breakthrough success in the first place.

Key elements to make a winning crypto investment

There are three key elements in a crypto investment that has the potential to make you a millionaire:

  • A winning crypto investment is made in a small-cap asset that is new, unknown, or unpopular
  • Winning crypto investing is made on research and analysis, identifying tokens that have the potential to take over the industry with new ideas
  • A winning crypto investment is held for months or years until a breakout

LUNC is already well known and is among the top 50 cryptocurrencies. This is a problem because for LUNC to reach a price of $1, the market capitalization would have to rise from $1 billion today to $6.25 trillion. This type of growth is impossible in a crypto industry where even Bitcoin has not held a stable market cap of $1 trillion.

LUNC does not yet have a roadmap. LUNC pumped 500% after Binance exchange transaction tax was announced – this tax has now been reduced from 1.2% to 0.2% and there is no clear direction on where to go that LUNC will take after that.

Without a clear roadmap, ask yourself if you would still own LUNC a year from now if it had lost -90% in price? Would you have the determination and the confidence to continue to hold on?

If not, it’s time to use this investment strategy to buy different assets.

Here are three reasons why EverGrow meets all three criteria.

Buy EverGrow using Trust Wallet or MetaMask:

1. EverGrow is a small cap, unknown cryptocurrency in prime position for breakout

EverGrow has a market capitalization of $40 million as of November 2022.

The token launched in the bull market last year and reached a market capitalization of $1 billion. But the crypto market crash hit DeFi cryptocurrency projects hard and EverGrow lost capital early on – now is the perfect time to invest in EverGrow.

The market is down. Nobody is watching. It’s the people who buy at times like this that make an explosive return on investment.

For EverGrow to reclaim a market cap of $1 billion, it would increase by 2000% (from 0.0000001 to 0.000002). This would turn $500 into $10,500. That’s a return you couldn’t get from LUNC unless it outpaced XRP, Dogecoin, Cardano, Polygon, Shiba Inu, and other heavier competitors.

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2. EverGrow has new ideas – stable passive income for holders

EverGrow’s main selling point is stablecoin passive income.

To buy or sell EverGrow, you pay a 14% transaction tax. It is a high tax. But 8% of that is converted into Binance USD and paid directly into the wallets of all holders.

This tax can be off-putting. But it serves two purposes:

  • Stablecoin passive income attracts new investors and encourages them to hold to keep earning
  • 14% transaction tax means you earn a discount even if EverGrow’s price crashes – a $1 million sale means $140,000 for the community

That’s why EverGrow has paid out over $38 million to holders, despite having a market cap of almost the same size. The transaction tax protects the community.

A $500 EverGrow investment today might not generate much passive income, just $1.50 per month in BUSD. But EverGrow’s passive income depends on trading volume – it hit $10 million a day during the last bull market, so your $500 EverGrow investment today could yield at least $250 a month in income. passive when a similar bull market returns.

Few crypto projects can offer you both a price increase and passive income potential worth 50% of your investment every month – as soon as the investment comes in and the media talks about the passive income potential of EverGrow, its price will explode.

But you can only access extraordinary passive income if you buy now at low prices before everyone else.

Buy EverGrow using Trust Wallet or MetaMask:

3. EverGrow continuously raises its price

In September, EverGrow launched a first crypto: an NFT market that rewards 100% of revenue to holders.

In this case, all profits from the LunaSky NFT market are used to redeem and burn EverGrow tokens. EverGrow is already burning about 5% of its supply each year thanks to a 2% transaction tax cut of 14% – the market adds an additional revenue stream.

In 2023, an EverGrow wallet, a social media-style app with crypto payments, and a metaverse experience in partnership with Objective Reality Studios will also launch.

Where EverGrow revenue is generated, it will be fed back into burning the token and raising the price. At a later date, the team said the proceeds would be used to directly fund holders’ passive income.

When that date arrives, it will be too late for you to buy small and expect to make a decent return on your investment.

But if you buy today, you can stay confident that there’s so much to come. If you believe in a DeFi future where everyone earns more – not just the biggest investors profiting from small, inexperienced newcomers – then EverGrow is a great project for you.

Be quick before thousands of others figure you out!

Buy EverGrow using Trust Wallet or MetaMask:

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