DOGE co-founder refuses to promote Dogechain for $14 million in crypto

Youri Molchan

Billy Markus turned down offer to promote another Doge-inspired crypto project for $14 million in crypto


  • DOGE co-founder rejects rich offer
  • Warning regarding Dogechain issued to DOGE Army

Markus was offered a hefty amount of crypto to persuade the DOGE army that Dogechain is good for DOGE.

DOGE co-founder rejects rich offer

Twitter user @RepeatAfterVee took to Twitter to report that Billy Markus, a computer engineer who founded the original cryptocurrency Dogecoin with Jackson Palmer in 2013, rejected an offer to tweet Dogechain and promote it for the DC 10 billion payout worth a staggering US$14 million.

He wrote that Billy Markus refused to betray the DOGE community for this huge sum of money and, therefore, is worthy of the “deepest respect” of the DOGE army.

Markus responded to this with a tongue-in-cheek tweet, making it clear that he didn’t get rich creating Dogecoin, mentioning that he is constantly accused of making money on Dogecoin and “orchestrating pumps and dumps ” with DOGE.


yeah no one really cares anyway and just assume i got rich creating dogecoin or orchestrating pumps and dumps or whatever else i’m constantly being accused of.

It should be noted that Markus left the Dogecoin project soon after its launch. However, he remains active on Twitter, often commenting on his brainchild and the crypto sphere in general. Recently, he admitted that he has no plans to go back to DOGE development, nor to create a new digital currency.

Warning regarding Dogechain issued to DOGE Army

Dogechain is a spin-off of the original Canine First Token, which is supposed to work as a Layer 2 for DOGE, allowing Dogecoin users to take advantage of NFT and DeFi solutions and provide full integration with Ethereum smart contracts.

Earlier today, the price of Dogechain (DC) exploded by 220%, hitting a new all-time high of $0.002694. However, to date, some of these gains have been lost. The massive price spike came after leading US-based crypto exchange KuCoin spread the word about the token’s listing.

However, earlier this year, at the end of July, the DOGE community issued a warning, announcing that Dogechain is worthless and is not related to DOGE anyway. The tweet claimed that the creators of Dogechain were offering influencers money to trick them into “manipulating people into thinking it’s good for Dogecoin.”

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