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DONR presents a new crypto token and its launch on a new platform

Grow your fund the crypto way!

DONR Company LLC

Grow your fund the crypto way!

Redlands, Calif., Sept. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — DONR Company LLC (DONR), a blockchain-powered crypto startup built for people, has just completed its first month on Coinsbit, a cutting-edge exchange. adoption of cryptocurrency in the developing world. DONR is a utility cryptocurrency that has finalized the deal to be listed on one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges after an extensive review process, and the outcome has been outstanding. They gained nearly 8,000 viewers on Indian short video app Josh in the first four days of trading on the exchange. They received over half a million views on the ads that DONR’s COO placed under his COO_CCLC Instagram account, with over 30% of the views coming from India.

DONR provides the platform (GoDONR) through which fundraisers and donors can send and receive crypto payments. Charities can stake donations in major cryptocurrencies of their choice under escrow to participate in the active growth of their favorite cryptocurrencies. Donations will increase in value as their coins or tokens increase in value. GoDONR is the first platform to facilitate the monetary growth of donations.

Through a peer-to-peer ecosystem, they hope to introduce new business models for charities around the world by offering cryptocurrency holders the opportunity to donate their holdings to worthy causes, such as feeding refugees from the around the world, helping the victims of natural disasters. disasters, protecting marine life from ocean pollution, and much more.

GoDONR will help promote emerging cryptocurrencies and ICOs already underway by funneling community donations to them. With this platform, startup cryptocurrencies can further introduce their story to the crypto community. It also provides additional security and transparency for donors and charities.

They decided to list DONR on the Coinsbit exchange because it offers great features for international businesses. The verification process is simple and the registration process does not require any ID or proof of address. They chose Josh for the ad because he offers interested buyers a social media integration where they can tweet about DONR in real time, attracting more people, amplifying interest and leading to more sales.

DONR is now listed on Live Coin Watch, a leading crypto price quotation platform. Registration is free and currently accepts investment from any part of the world (however, please observe local laws and regulations when investing in cryptocurrencies). All transactions are anonymous and encrypted using state-of-the-art encryption technology. These encrypted transactions prevent anyone but the buyer from seeing or spending their money. (It will also be easier for investors in India to buy DONR due to their partnership with Live Coin Watch.)

This is a crucial factor in the process of buying DONR tokens. If a buyer pays more than the set price, the transaction will not be completed. Mindful of the current market conditions, DONR expects the price to reach $1.00 per token within two years.

DONR’s mission is to contribute to a global movement toward cryptocurrency adoption by creating a decentralized philanthropic ecosystem where campaign managers and charitable donors will be assured fair treatment of their respective endeavors and affairs. This will allow individuals to securely control and access their money without the burdens of centralized banks, identity theft or fraud, among other possible adverse effects. All of this is made possible through an easy-to-use interface with all the benefits of blockchain technology.

DONR has partnered with cryptocurrency exchanges to provide the best rates for DONR token transactions. These partnerships have increased DONR’s visibility for new listing opportunities, thereby attracting more contributions from people interested in investing in this token. The demand for DONR tokens continues to expand to new exchanges.

To learn more about the DONR token and its utility, visit

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