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Elevate Your Investing Strategy in 2023 with HedgeUp – The Cryptonomist


What do HedgeUp and Filecoin have in common? They are cryptocurrency companies that also focus on improving people’s lifestyles.

For example, HedgeUp aims to foster the growth of alternative assets. Filecoin makes working life easier with a network of storage providers.

These unique and practical concepts have fueled the success of these companies, and crypto experts have optimistic predictions for 2023 and beyond.


HedgeUp is a new crypto company officially launched this year. Over the past few months, the company has raised at least $95,000 at $0.009, at the time of this writing.

Its focus on alternative investments provides a very attractive business for crypto enthusiasts and traditional investors. One of HedgeUp’s goals is to bridge the gap between the two sectors.

Most traditional investors are afraid to explore options other than cash, bonds, and stocks. But HedgeUp makes crypto investments easier to understand through the use of alternative assets like diamonds, luxury watches, and other jewelry. These are tangible investments that purists can get behind. Other alternate perks are art, whiskey and wine, and aviation.

HedgeUp investors can become co-owners of luxury businesses seeking crowdfunding through the crypto company’s LaunchPad system. Community members can suggest organizations where crypto users can invest to build wealth.

Crypto investors can also diversify their investments into alternative assets on the platform.

HedgeUp also offers an online master class component so that users do not invest blindly. They can learn the best ways to grow their savings and create exit strategies to minimize losses. The ecosystem DAO can also oversee all investments.


Filecoin also offers something unique for crypto enthusiasts. It provides an infrastructure for individuals and organizations to store their important personal and business files.

There are over 4,000 storage providers within the Filecoin network. To ensure customers are using the right storage system, Filecoin will assess your needs through a one-minute assessment on their website.

It is a space for storage providers to create a safe and secure infrastructure. Before entering the system, the individual or organization will go through a boot camp to ensure that they can provide the best storage service to customers.

Filecoin also offers an Enterprise Storage Provider Accelerator, which is a seven-month course for organizations to become successful storage providers on their platform. This shows how serious the crypto company is in providing high-quality storage services.

Companies are getting rid of steel cabinets and paper files. They are inefficient and take up too much space. These are also fire hazards. Organizations need safe and secure cloud storage systems, and Filecoin can provide exactly what they need.

Bullish predictions for 2023

Gone are the days when cryptos were just companies offering alternative currencies. Crypto companies like HedgeUp and Filecoin offer so much more in terms of tangible investments, convenience, and practical solutions.

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