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Gleec BTC Acquires Blocktane Crypto Exchange Assets

Vladislav Sopov

Leading Cryptocurrency Conversion Platform Gleec BTC Takes Over Inactive Brazil Exchange Blocktane


  • Gleec BTC Acquires Blocktane Assets
  • Gleec BTC unveils a unique ecosystem of crypto products

The infrastructure and team of idle cryptocurrency exchange Blocktane (BKT) will be integrated with Gleec BTC, a leading blockchain ecosystem with over 100 trading pairs available.

Gleec BTC Acquires Blocktane Assets

According to the official announcement shared by Gleec BTC, it acquired all the operational assets of Blocktane, a major Latin American cryptocurrency exchange. Blocktane is now inactive; during this time it was one of the most popular Web3 services in Brazil.

Gleec BTC integrates Blocktane
Picture by Gleec BTC

With this acquisition, Gleec BTC now controls the Blocktane brand and the supply of its main native asset, BKT. Additionally, Blocktane management will join the Gleec BTC team to oversee the marketing and business and technical development of the Gleec ecosystem in a new country.

As the exchange is of particular importance to the Brazilian crypto scene, this acquisition aims to underline Gleec BTC’s bet on expanding into Latin America.

John Willock, former Executive Chairman of Blocktane, is confident that Gleec BTC’s expansion into Brazil will meet the huge demand from local market players:

We are excited to partner with Gleec to bring their tool and products to Blocktane users in Brazil, and their first entry into this national market.

This announcement is also aligned with the Brazilian government’s strategy for cryptocurrency adoption: the country will legalize crypto payments by early 2023.

Gleec BTC unveils a unique ecosystem of crypto products

Launched in 2020, Gleec BTC was initially designed to be a digital wallet. Eventually, it evolved into a cryptocurrency exchange that supports Bitcoin (BTC) and all major altcoins.

Now Gleec BTC also offers crypto payment tools such as Gleec Pay and Gleec SV. This last protocol is of paramount importance for El Salvador with its accentuated pro-Bitcoin economic strategy.

Gleec SV is widely used by merchants for their digital POS equipment. Additionally, Gleec has developed and promoted the play-to-earn protocol racing game Gleec Racing.

Operations in Brazil should start in a few weeks. The Brazilian Real (BRL) will be added to the stack of fiat assets supported by Gleec BTC.

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