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How to buy the Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) token?

After the Play To Earn games, Meta Masters Guild (MMG) puts forward a new concept, the Play & Earn which is ultimate more advantageous for players. Meta Masters Guild (MMG) is a new gaming guild that offers several titles in free access, but also a variety of interesting features.

It goes from staking to NFT sale and PVP competitions. At the heart of this ultra-complete ecosystem, we find the MEMAG, an ERC-20 type token with multiple uses. Discover in this guide, everything you need to know about the new token with high potential in the web3 gaming market.

How to buy Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) token easily and securely?

  • Step 1 : go to the Meta Masters Guild official website to participate in prevention.
  • 2nd step : Connect your wallet to the platform and specify to have ETH or USDT in your crypto wallet. You can also buy ETH directly from the presale site.
  • Step 3 : choose the amount to buy and exchange your ETH for MEMAG.
  • Step 4 : note that your tokens will only be available at the end of the presale.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) Token Key Points

  • Players can exchange their MEMAG for ETH and USDT.
  • Tokens are used as the main currency of 3 different games.
  • MEMAGs are ERC-20 type tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • It is possible to stake MEMAG tokens and NFTs to earn returns.
  • MEMAGs can be used to purchase NFTs from the platform store.
  • Meta Masters Guild offers three game types Meta Masters World, Meta Kart Racers and Raid NFT.
  • The more users use, the more they increase their chance of earning Gems (Gems) which can then be exchanged for MEMAG Tokens.

What is the Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) token?

Meta Masters Guild (MMG) is a gaming guild that has made it its mission to produce the best Play2Earn games on the blockchain, accessible on mobile. Ultimately, the team wants to create a real ecosystem of decentralized games.

To this end, it collaborates with leading P2E game developers and offers players the opportunity to discover 3 games, namely Meta Masters World, Meta Kart Racers as well as Raid NFT.

An ultra-complete platform

Meta Masters Guild (MMG) has developed an ultra-complete ecosystem where cryptocurrencies mingle, NFT and P2E games which they subtly renamed P&E for Play and Earn. Indeed, the team believes that players should not play just to make money.

They must like the game, want to progress and invest in it. In return, Meta Masters Guild (MMG) provides them with an unprecedented quality of play and rewards commensurate with their contribution.

The more time players spend playing, the more they increase their chance of receiving the rewards. MMG has thus made sure to offer their best players rewards commensurate with their efforts. Available in all games and offered in different forms depending on the game chosen.

In P&E games, they are earned by completing quests. These latter can be daily, weekly and monthly. Other rewards will also be offered in PVP game environments.

P&E games from renowned developers

Meta Masters Guild (MMG) offers players to discover three games on its platform. Two are still in concept and one is in development:

  • Meta Masters World: free mobile game of construction, exploration and conquest designed by Gamearound. Players can buy land and characters in NFT on the Marketplace. There are Play&Earn features, focused on skills-based tasks.
  • NFT Raid : free mobile turn-based fighting game. The user purchases a warrior with their MEMAGs or Gems and battles other characters through PVP competitions in a hostile environment. There are also P&E features focused on skills and resource gathering.
  • Meta Kart racers : course game in free access on mobile. The player chooses his driver and his kart and sets off on the racing circuits. In particular, the game can be played solo or with others during competitions in PVP mode. Here again, the purchase of characters and accessories can be done with MEMAG tokens. The most deserving players in arcade mode have the opportunity to earn rare NFTs.

In addition to the 3 titles in development which confirm their objective of producing fun and addictive Play To Earn games, the platform has of an NFT marketplace. In particular, users can find a whole range of characters and elements that can be used in the 3 MMG games.

To know : the team collaborated with leading artists who have worked on popular comics and online streaming series for the design of the games, but also the collection of NFT. On the snapshot of the characters with unique traits, created by hand, which gives them even more value.

An ERC-20 token at the heart of the MMG ecosystem

At the heart of this ultra-developed ecosystem, we find the MEMAG, an ERC-20 type token integrated on the Ethereum (ETH) network. currently on presalethe main currency of Meta Masters Guild is the key to unlocking all the features that the platform offers as well as access to games.

In the P&E games model, Meta Masters Guild offers users the opportunity to earn Gems. They could then exchange the Gems for the MEMAG tokens in order to to join the program staking and thus, producing additional returns.

Users can also use Gems to buy NFTs in games or convert them into ETH tokens. By the way, speaking of NFTs, players can then store these in their game wallet and use them to improve their stats or boost the performance of their characters.

Apart from buying the tokens through the platform, the Meta Masters Guild team assures that it is quite possible to win MEMAG tokens, NFTs and other prizes. This, by joining the community and promoting their concept on social media.

Regarding distribution, 10% of the total will go to the MMG ecosystem and 15% will be kept as reserve tokens. 5% will also go to the team and 10% to the market. Finally, 15% will be dedicated to liquidity, 35% to private sales and 10% to public sales.

Why buy MEMAG tokens: is it a good investment?

At a time when the gaming sector of the canvas 3 grows at breakneck speed, It is interesting to buy a dedicated token with high potential. If you are wondering how acquiring MEMAG tokens is advantageous, here are some good reasons:

  • As the MEMAG token is at the heart of the ecosystem, it can be used for purchases in the games offered by the platform.
  • Users can also purchase NFTs with the token on the Meta Masters Guild (MMG) marketplace.
  • To generate monthly returns, the platform incentivizes users to opt for the staking program.
  • In-game rewards (Gems) can be converted into MEMAG Tokens.
  • It is also possible to buy rare NFTs or store the tokens to generate a monthly return.
  • Over time and above all, after listing on centralized exchanges (CEX), the MEMAG will automatically gain in value.
  • P2E games have seen great growth in recent years and investing in a gaming token is always interesting.

The stages of the MEMAG pre-sale

The presale will take place in 3 phase and of the 1,000,000,000 tokens created, 350,000,000 will be allocated to the operation. Eventually, the team hopes to raise a trifle of $12,750,000 which will be used to develop the project.

  • The sell percentage of NFTs is 5%.
  • The minimum purchase is 1000 MEMAG and the transaction fee is 3%.
  • During this first phase, 1 MEMAG is offered at a price of $0.007. The price will then move to $0.01.

It is important to specify that the contract code has been entirely verified by Solid evidence. This makes Meta Masters Guild (MMG), a 100% secure project. The team behind the project has also been verified by Coinsniper, which guarantees the absence of fraud and thus confirms the complete security of the project.

Detailed guide to buy MEMAG in presale

The presale of MEMAG tokens has already started and if you wish to acquire this token with multiple uses then take advantage of the first phase to have it at a low price.

Indeed, if it is now accessible priced at $0.007he will go to $0.01 during the second phase. Discover the steps to follow to buy the MEMAG right now:

Step 1: Install Metamask

  • The first step is to install Metamask, this is important if you need to use a computer for your transaction.
  • The wallet indeed promises a smoother shopping experience.

Step 2: fund your wallet with ETH

  • The second step is to fund your wallet with ETH.
  • If you don’t already have one, you can buy one directly on the presale site.
  • accelerate to buy the number of ETH necessary to buy your tokens.

Step 3: exchange your ETH for MEMAG

  • To complete the purchase, click Buy with ETH
  • Enter the amount of ETH to buy
  • Confirm the conversion to buy the MEMAGs
  • Wait until the end of the presale to collect your MEMAG tokens

MEMAG Token Price Prediction

It is still too early to be able to make discounts on the price of MEMAG tokens in the coming months. However, if we know the enthusiasm of investors for gaming tokens then, we can expect MEMAG to be a great success in the coming weeks.

Added to this is the fact that the concept is innovative, mainly driven by Play & Earn which should appeal to both crypto gamers and investors alike. Indeed, who wouldn’t want to earn money by playing, but above all, earn multiple rewards for the efforts made and the support of the MMG community.

The other reason why the value of MEMAG could also take off concerned its roadmap which is clear, clear and promising. After the listing on the CEX scheduled for the second half of 2023, the launch of the Alpha version of Meta Kart Racers as well as the development of other games on the platform, what is certain is that the predictions are positive.


The MEMAG, which is the native token of the new P&E gaming guild, Meta Masters Guild (MMG), is the new high-potential token in the gaming world. The innovation that the new crypto project has brought is simple: it offers players to play P&E-like games based on a high-performance decentralized blockchain.

Besides playing, users can collect key, multiple awards. Moreover, everything they win during the games belongs to them. This ranges from cryptocurrencies to NFTs, etc. they are then free to resell or stake them.

In short, MMG is the first mobile-optimized Web3 gaming guild and at the heart of this ultra-complete ecosystem, we find the MEMAG token. Currently in pre-sale on the platform at the price of $0.007, it is definitely the next gaming token that will explode.

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