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How to invest in cryptocurrency in 2023?

Cryptocurrency has been expanding since 2020. This democratization is made possible because of the Covid in 2020. This is the case of Bitcoin which reached the proportion of 13000% in 2020. This growth has moreover been characterized by the phenomenon of the “running of the bulls”. It is indeed a phenomenon that is marked by a strong demand for investment. On this date, even tech giants like Amazon, Google, Facebook and many others have not been asked. All this, thanks to a return on investment that is very commendable. However, 2020 is not 2023. At the moment, Bitcoin and the whole sphere of cryptocurrency are not looking good. Therefore, investing in cryptocurrency in 2023 must be done in a differentiated way.

To know what cryptocurrency is, you have to take into account all the elements that make it up. From Bitcoin to Blockchain, we reveal everything to better understand the world of cryptocurrency before you get started. Indeed, cryptocurrency is a currency entirely digital and decentralized. That is to say, it is a currency that is not managed by any intermediary bank like the classic currencies. This is why we find a plethora of cryptocurrencies. In addition, cryptocurrencies enable purchases and sales of goods and services and can be used as stores of value. It is for the latter that many use cryptocurrency as an investment. Car, s (…)

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