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ICON Public Limited Company (ICLR) shares rejected based on management guidelines

TimesSquare Capital Management, an equity investment management firm, released its third quarter letter to investors titled “US Mid Cap Growth Strategy”. A copy of it can be downloaded here. In the third quarter, the strategy returned -0.21% (net), compared to -0.65% for the Russell Midcap Growth Index. Strength in the consumer discretionary, energy, financials, industrials, information technology and materials sectors contributed to the strategy’s performance during the quarter. Additionally, please see the fund’s top five holdings for its top picks in 2022.

TimesSquare Capital highlighted stocks like ICON Public Limited Company (NASDAQ:ICLR) in the Q3 2022 Investor Letter. Based in Dublin, Ireland, ICON Public Limited Company (NASDAQ: ICLR) is a clinical research company. On December 22, 2022, ICON Public Limited Company (NASDAQ:ICLR) stock closed at $195.71 per share. The one-month return of ICON Public Limited Company (NASDAQ:ICLR) was -9.92% and its shares have lost 36.44% of their value over the past 52 weeks. ICON Public Limited Company (NASDAQ: ICLR) has a market capitalization of $15.979 billion.

TimesSquare Capital made the following comment about ICON Public Limited Company (NASDAQ:ICLR) in its Q3 2022 Letter to Investors:

ICON Limited Company (NASDAQ: ICLR) is a clinical research organization that provides outsourced development services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. The company reported fairly strong second-quarter results, with revenue and earnings beating consensus. Management lowered its revenue forecast slightly, citing exchange rate headwinds that sent its stock price down -15%.

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ICON Public Limited Company (NASDAQ:ICLR) is not on our list of 30 most popular stocks among hedge funds. According to our database, 30 hedge fund portfolios held ICON Public Limited Company (NASDAQ:ICLR) at the end of the third quarter, up from 26 in the prior quarter.

We discussed ICON Public Limited Company (NASDAQ:ICLR) in another article and shared Wasatch Global Investors’ perspective on the company. Additionally, please see our Letters to Hedge Fund Investors Q3 2022 page for more letters from hedge fund investors and other leading investors.

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