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Jupiter Meta launches Metaverse-as-a-Service | The financial express

Jupiter Meta, Consulting and Web 3.0 Metaverse, has launched Rent-A-Meta, a multi-utility space offering Metaverse-as-a-service, the company has informed.

“As a Web3.o advisor and architect of integrated solutions, our metaverse as a service will help brands initiate their journey to the metaverse. And our expertise in creative strategy and gamification will help businesses transform and achieve their goals,” said Manasa Rajan, CEO of Jupiter Meta.

Furthermore, the company informed that by integrating the idea of ​​Metaverse to build a cohesive engagement with customers, internally and externally, the Rent-a-Meta is designed to allow users to discover all kinds of spaces and give entities the flexibility to quickly rotate.

At the same time, Jupiter Meta’s Metaverse solution aims to redefine how a brand’s metaverse journey is approached. Combined with their expertise in the Metaverse strategy that encompasses gamification, personalization, and personalized solutions, brands can now create a Metaverse platform that entertains, monetizes through Tokenomics, and builds true community.

Founded in 2021 by Sathyan Rajan and KC Reddy, Jupiter Meta enables users to buy, sell and trade NFTs, across a range of segments including music, film, art, sports and games , with an integrated metaverse to provide personalized digital services. experiences. Market users can also easily transact through INR cash payments through UPI without the need for a crypto wallet.

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