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KLICKL Obtains ADGM Approval in Principle to Operate as Broker and Virtual Asset Custody Provider

Abu Dhabi: Klickl is the latest global virtual asset service provider to receive Financial Services Authorization (FSP) Approval-in-Principle (IPA) from Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) to operate as a broker and ensure the custody of the digital asset. square.

We are delighted that Klickl has obtained an IPA and will soon be part of the exciting crypto ecosystem regulated in the United Arab Emirates to expand our product and service offering to the entire MENA region.

Michael Zhao, co-founder and CEO of Klickl, said, “The regulated path is the only growth path for any crypto company if it wants to be a serious long-term player. Long gone are the days when digital asset players had a first mover advantage benefiting from a fast-growing bull market. The recent turmoil in the crypto market and the big sell-off caused by greed-driven FOMO sentiment is just another example to show why the market needs proper risk control and compliance.

Klickl has from the beginning actively engaged global regulators as part of its ongoing commitment to upholding global standards and collectively fostering the developments and sustainable growth of the crypto ecosystem. The ADGM is one of the world’s leading regulatory jurisdictions for virtual assets in the region. The IPA issuance illustrates Klickl’s commitment to becoming a comprehensive virtual asset leader within the global Abu Dhabi market.

Formerly known as IDCM, the group recently renamed itself Klickl representing the sound coins make as they click together in harmony and prosperity. As a long-standing digital asset exchange that pioneered the Alliance Concept (Exchange as a service), Klickl Group has successfully navigated bull and bear markets for the past five years.

Focusing on building their ecosystem infrastructure, Klickl’s new team is working around the clock to create a new suite of products, aiming to deliver this awesome all-in-one crypto app that meets all your crypto needs in the ever-changing digital world. time.

About Klickl

Klickl is the region’s first all-in-one crypto super app that provides regulated digital brokerage services as well as trusted depository solutions to individuals, businesses and institutional investors in a simple, secure and efficient way . The company excels in its modular digital product offerings backed by unparalleled infrastructure and technical know-how that unlock the value of captive digital assets for everyday use. Intuitively designed, Klickl, through seamless aggregation, strives to be users’ only digital asset account in an already disruptive ecosystem.


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