Larry David sued over crypto ad in which he talked bullshit about crypto

larry david

larry david
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Natural entertainment partners Larry David, Tom Brady and Shaq are finally collaborating— in a trial, as Variety reports that the three famous guys, along with a number of other high-profile individuals, are being sued in a class action lawsuit over the collapse of cryptocurrency exchange FTX. Specifically, they were named “brand ambassadors” in a suit of an Oklahoma man accusing the crypto exchange of employing celebrities to target “unsophisticated investors” in a “Ponzi scheme” in an effort to keep the exchange alive.

FTX itself, as well as former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, are both also named in the lawsuit, brought by a man named Edwin Garrison, who says he was tricked into buying an FTX account, and who says he hopes to represent “thousands, if not millions, of consumers nationwide” who have been defrauded by the company. Other celebrities targeted in the costume include Giselle Bündchen (who appeared with her husband Brady in their “You’re In” commercial), as well as Stephen Curry and his NBA team, the Golden State Warriors, who advertised for FTX in their final season .

Don’t Miss Crypto: Larry David FTX Trading

David’s participation in all this Seems especially on-brand: Appearing in a Super Bowl ad (during that year Crypto-heavy Super Bowl) in which the main attraction was that he declared aloud that the crypto would not work, and not worth the investment. (This, after a long series of historical sketches of Larry David mistaking technical innovations throughout history, chiefly notable for presenting a plot of the Larry David type “act”.) The result of this is that he’s being sued for promoting FTX in an ad where he doesn’t say anything nice about FTX, which feels like a pretty good encapsulation of Larry’s whole vibe David.

FTX is currently in the kind of free fall that requires you to have separate sections for “Crisis Begins”, “Crisis Worsens”, and “growing impact” on your Wikipedia page; the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Nov. 11 and would be under investigation by the SEC and the Department of Justice.


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