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Liminal Collaborates with Metamask Institutional to Boost Institutional Crypto Adoption

Liminal partners with MetaMask Institutional to secure custody of crypto assets and drive institutional adoption of crypto.

Secure custody of crypto assets has been the biggest barrier to institutional adoption of crypto; Liminal aims to remove this obstacle through this partnership

We are thrilled to find a like-minded partner in Metamask Institutional. This symbiotic association will be a game-changer for the burgeoning crypto industry by providing a highly secure crypto environment.

— Manan Vora, SVP of Strategy and Business Operations, Liminal

UK, February 2, 2023 / — Liminal, a digital wallet infrastructure platform, announced a strategic alliance with Metamask Institutional, a global Defi wallet and Web3 gateway for organizations, to drive institutional crypto adoption. As a member of the association, Liminal users can connect their Liminal wallets in one click with Metamask Institutional and use it as they would use the de facto Ethereum wallet application, i.e. MetaMask with the added security of Multi-Sig and all the benefits of Liminal wallets. Institutional liminal users can now access and leverage the liquidity of many Defi dApps.

Liminal, the first choice for secure crypto #gardesolutions, is on a mission to create a secure destination for crypto-focused investments by providing impeccable security to the crypto holdings of institutional and retail investors. The formal tax regime for crypto assets introduced this year has encouraged a large number of institutions to explore digital assets to achieve their financial/business goals.

Commenting on the development, Manan Vora, Senior Vice President – Strategy and Operations at Liminal, said, “We are delighted to find a like-minded partner in Metamask Institutional. The symbiotic association between Liminal and Metamask Institutional will be a game-changer for the burgeoning crypto industry, as it will provide an encrypted and highly secure environment for large crypto farms.

Commenting on the developments, Liz Mathew, Global Head of Growth and Partnerships for MetaMask Institutional, said: “The integration of Liminal as a custodian under Metamask Institutional provides additional choice for Metamask Institutional customers and strengthens MMI’s position as the first institutional wallet for Web3.

Liminal users simply need to login to the dashboard, click on MetaMask Institutional, configure the browser extension and link it to their Liminal Ethereum and EVM wallets, once done they can interact with Defi dApps as they would normally with the MetaMask extension; however, for all transactions, approvals will be required from all Multi-Sig users #Wallets configuration in Liminal. Liminal Wallet users will need to request access to MetaMask Institutional, and once approved, they will be able to access directly from the dashboard.

About Liminal
Liminal is an automated system #wallet infrastructure platform that provides robust security to digital assets. An ISO 27001 and 27701 certified organization, Liminal, is based in Singapore. Liminal enables crypto-native businesses to securely scale their digital asset operations through an automated, plug-and-play wallet architecture. They offer a combination of multi-signature and multi-party computing (MPC) to provide secure, efficient, and compliant access to digital assets. Its operational excellence framework provides efficient fee management, transaction confirmation guarantees, seamless integration and other portfolio operations, saving businesses significant development costs. Liminal’s unified interface ensures the same portfolio management experience across multiple blockchains. Its proprietary regulatory readiness program, which includes AML checks, travel rules and CCSS-compliant platforms, helps projects accelerate their compliance journey. Visit

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