Loud North Carolina Crypto Miner Forces Residents to Relocate (Report)

Residents of Murphy, North Carolina have complained that a cryptocurrency miner located in the area is causing “insane” noise and negatively impacting the power grid.

Thus, some people have decided to leave the city and settle elsewhere.

“Looks like you’re behind a jet”

The crypto-miner installed by San Francisco-based company PrimeBlock appears to be a huge problem for some of the 1,600 residents of Murphy, North Carolina. In a recent interviewresident Mike Lugiewicz said he would move because of the unbearable noise coming from the facility.

“This morning it’s running at around 85 decibels. Sounds like you’re behind a jet sitting on the tarmac, and that jet never leaves, or imagine you’re inside Niagara Falls and can’t get rid of the noise like your home is at center of Niagara Falls,” he said.

Apart from that, the miner has damaged the home power grid. Lugiewicz said the community was left without power over the Christmas holidays when temperatures dropped to three degrees Celsius. Despite the power outage throughout the city, the installation was still working:

“While we’re sitting in the dark, I can look out my window and I could see the encryption mine was powered, and I think it’s kind of hurtful for the power companies to cut our power, but let the crypto mines are operational.

While Lugiewicz has already decided to move elsewhere, many residents are elderly people who lack this ability. He raised hopes that authorities would take the necessary steps to stop the “senseless” noise and restore the well-being of Murphy’s residents:

“My fight is more for my friends and neighbors. We had a neighbor at the top of the mountain, and her house looks like it’s going to vibrate. It’s so noisy up there.

Crypto mining could also have benefits

Despite the many claims that cryptocurrency mining harms the environment and consumes a lot of energy, the process could have a positive impact if used correctly.

An example is the Canadian city of North Vancouver, where the Lonsdale Energy Corporation (LEC) in partnership with bitcoin miner – MintGreen – to recycle the energy released and use it to heat residential and commercial buildings.

The innovative heating solution provides residents with a constant source of electricity as the mining company operates at full capacity 365 days a year.


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