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Lunar Strategy launched a community for people building a career in Web3

To help enthusiastic individuals transition and adapt to the Web 3 environment, Lunar Strategy does a commendable job.

You want to know more Lunar Strategy contributions to help individuals make the transition to a Web 3 career?

Read on to find out!

Web 3 Career Opportunities

Web 3 refers to the latest blockchain-based version of the internet that revolves around the ideas of transparency, decentralization, and individual ownership. Simply put, it deals with cryptocurrencies, DAOs, NFTs, and the metaverse field.

Although Web 3 is in its infancy, the revolutionary sector offers promising roles for beginners. Usually, software developers and engineers with technical and programming skills are best suited for Web 3 roles.

But it’s not that ! Marketing manager positions are also very demanding in the web 3 space. However, marketing positions require specialized knowledge of web 3, which is currently a hollow gap in the industry.

3 Web Challenges for Marketers

Arguably, one of the biggest problems with Web 3 is that marketers don’t know enough about it. But there are many more, including:

With the advent of Web 3, third-party cookies will be removed from web browsers, making it difficult for marketers to target audiences. But how? These cookies are the best sources for collecting data on a user’s online behavior. With the disappearance of cookies, there will be no more data to extract customer information.

The new digital landscape will cause marketers to rethink their strategies and go beyond traditional SEO tactics to increase brand awareness.

These are just a few examples; there are many other Web 3 challenges.

Fortunately, Lunar Strategy has taken a step forward to help seasoned marketers discover the world of Web 3 and identify effective marketing strategies that will yield promising results.

Lunar Strategy Discord Community

Lunar Strategy is a marketing agency launched in 2019 by former Google employee Tim Haldorsson. In three years, the agency has climbed to the top and helped navigate clients to achieve their cryptocurrency goals.

Now the agency is ready to help marketers learn the tips and tricks for making the switch to Web 3. Currently, Lunar Strategy has an active Discord community, “Web3 Marketing”, where the team helps new marketers grow and improve as web marketers 3.

The Lunar team occasionally hosts events and AMAs in the community, providing a one-stop platform for people who want to improve their web marketing skills 3.

Other Lunar Strategy Contributions

The Discord community is just one of the many contributions made by Lunar Strategy. CEO, Tim, has created a comprehensive book titled “The Only Guide You Need for NFT and Crypto Marketers” which outlines fundamental marketing strategies for crypto projects.

Additionally, the book begins by helping marketers get acquainted with the broad field of cryptocurrency, then moves on to explaining 3 insider tips and web marketing strategies.

But that’s not all! Lunar Strategy has gone ahead and created a new course, “Lunar Academy”, for individuals to kick-start their careers as 3 Web Marketing Managers. The main objective of the course is to enable individuals to establish themselves solidly in the industry and to receive highly paid job offers.

Lunar Academy provides marketers with abundant resources to create successful campaigns for their clients’ crypto projects. The course teaches trending tactics including paid offers, community engagement tools, public relations, social media management, and influencer marketing.

Final comments

The existence of Web 3 cannot be ignored and it is time for marketers to improve their skills to adapt to the new digital landscape.

Fortunately, the Lunar Strategy community is a great place to start learning how to build a career as a web marketing manager.

Join them discord server and take the first step towards a rewarding career.

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