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As everyone takes a step into the future and starts to adopt cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment for daily transactions, what we need now is an organized and modern system. crypto payment gateway that would help with cryptocurrency payments.

This is especially necessary for merchants who have started out in the crypto world and are ready to accept cryptocurrency as payment. Keeping this in mind, LYOPAY offered a modern payment gateway solution for all merchants starting to adopt cryptocurrencies.

LYOMERCHANT empowers people and companies

LYOMERCHANT is there to make your payments transparent and borderless. It is a payment gateway that allows merchants accept cryptocurrencies as payment, supporting crypto-friendly businesses around the world and encouraging people to switch to digital currency. This, in turn, contributes to the mass adoption of cryptocurrency around the world.

LYOMERCHANT’s goal is to create a payment technology platform that allows every business and every individual to participate in adoption of cryptography. Many companies are held back from integrating crypto payments into their business due to concerns about regulations and payment scenarios.

Therefore, LYOMERCHANT’s solution is to provide a reliable and simple tool for business owners to accept cryptocurrencies as payment and manage their collections.

How LYOMERCHANT to help?

LYOMERCHANT lets you accept crypto payments anytime, from anywhere. Let’s take a look at some of its exclusive services for merchants:


LYOMERCHANT helps you transform your e-commerce website into a cryptocurrency-enabled portal to reach a wider customer base all over the world.

Point of sale (POS)

It’s time to improve the way your store accepts payments without borders by getting yourself a POS terminal that accepts different types of cryptocurrencies. LYOMERCHANT’s plug-and-play POS terminal comes with a pre-installed app, built-in receipt printer, 2D scanner and the ability to accept contactless payments.

The POS also supports the installation of apps in the POS terminal by merchants, which will help them manage goods and services as well as business intelligence from the same terminal. point of sale.

Fast payment

One of LYOMERCHANT’s most well-known facilities, Fast Pay allows a payer to make payment in crypto without having to go through the checkout process in payment gateway methods. Therefore, payers have the added convenience of paying the merchant at the payer’s preferred time and in a custom amount.

The merchant is required to share a URL only, and the merchant wallet the address is not exposed to the client. This protects the confidentiality of the merchant’s assets on the blockchain.

Alternatively, merchants can share their merchant code and share it with payers to process payments.

In addition, LYOMERCHANT can generate invoices serving as context for the collection of payments, against which users can proceed to payment in crypto.

blockchain Security

LYOMERCHANT is backed by a high level of encryption that protects your customer data and business information.

Seamless integration

The LYOMERCHANT commerce portal helps business owners and merchants automate their crypto payment capabilities without worrying about the technicalities involved.

LYOMERCHANT enables people to switch to digital currencies, helping businesses to accept cryptocurrencies as a regular form of payment. LYOMERCHANT is perfect for merchants who are just starting their crypto journey and want to take advantage of the power of blockchain technology.

For more information about LYOMERCHANT and how to get started, visit here.

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