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Mazer Gaming and XBorg Announce Strategic Partnership

On September 5, XBorg and Mazer Gaming were very proud to announce their combination as a potentially effective and mutually beneficial partnership. The main aspect of their collective vision is to combine the benefits and superior functionality of the Web2 and Web3 esports ecosystems.

The preliminary objectives of XBorg and Mazer Gaming are completely transparent and binding. The main goal is to make esports ruled by players. The idea is also to effectively share their areas of expertise and all the accumulated know-how. XBorg, having the distinction of being a next generation esports company, and Mazer Gaming involved in the field of being a dominant professional esports and entertainment organization, have every reason to be fully confident in their beliefs. and their future plans.

Moreover, to completely eradicate any form of misunderstanding, or any discrepancy whatsoever, they have clearly defined their expected and accepted individual contributions. Both organizations will play an equal role in all marketing matters. Moreover, to generate and create added value to advance and elevate the ecosystem, they will create content-based campaigns and be effectively involved in the development of viable projects.

Pursuant to their understanding and mutual agreement, Mazer Gaming will act as an advisor to XBorg in the negotiation of traditional sports and games. On the other hand, XBorg will update all questions and information on Web3, where Mazer Gaming is concerned. Additionally, XBorg will provide full access to its quest market to Mazer Gaming.

All in all, the partnership is indeed a step in the right direction and futuristic. With the sharing of their partners and advisors, they will be able to bring in more players by setting up more esports tournaments and community gaming events for added value for all players. Without a doubt, a perfect cocktail for a win-win situation.

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