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With what is happening both in the world and in the crypto market, it is becoming more difficult day by day to find a good investment opportunity for your digital money. Crypto hodlers are constantly looking for new passive income options, but making money on the growth of cryptocurrencies has become very difficult, and to manage assets on your own, you need to have an in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrency strategies. investment and devote a lot of time to it.

With all the global economic issues and the depth of the ongoing crypto winter, you might be wondering: what’s the best way to accumulate more crypto, store it safely, and get the highest return? possible ?

HEXN.IO is a crypto lending platform that brings together simple and advanced approaches to help people grow their digital money and instantly start earning interest. The company offers a wide selection of 48 cryptocurrencies, regular weekly payments and high interest rates.

HEXN remains on a robust technical infrastructure and meets all industry standards while remaining dynamic and innovative. Its financial service is available to customers in many jurisdictions around the world.

One of the distinguishing features of the platform is that it offers a wide range of stablecoins for those who don’t want to take risks trying to capitalize on volatile crypto assets in these tough times, but don’t want to no longer keeping money in fiat and trusting the state. banks. Investing in stablecoins, which are tied to fiat currencies, can help minimize risk.

At the moment, HEXN offers higher rates for several currencies. The most profitable coins on the platform are now major cryptocurrencies such as $BTC, $ETH and $SOL and a whole range of stablecoins: $USDT, $USDC, $DAI, $BUSD, $EURS, $TUSD and $HUSD – you can earn up to 22% APY with them.

Yes, with HEXN you can invest your digital dollars and euros at 22% APY with weekly compounding – sounds crazy!

No more monthly or annual contracts: HEXN.IO gives its users the freedom to define an advantageous payment schedule. You can even set up weekly withdrawals and get a stable stream of income that you can use for your daily needs.

Another option is not to withdraw your earnings every week, but to reinvest them and thus multiply your profit. You can set up the account so that interest earned is added to your deposit, increasing the return received in the next period.

The best way to profit from the crypto you own is to combine the long-term holding strategy with the magic of compound interest, and compounding frequency is where you need to pay attention. The more often the interest is compounded, the higher your returns will be: monthly compounding is better than quarterly compounding. HEXN went a step further and decided to offer its users weekly compounding – unique terms for saving crypto for the time being.

HEXN’s brand new prepayment feature allows you to get a portion of your interest earnings right after opening a savings account. How it works?

The prepayment is one-third of your estimated interest earnings. For example, you deposit 1 Bitcoin for three months at a rate of 12%. After depositing money into the savings account, you immediately get a 4% interest payment of 1 Bitcoin. The longer your deposit term, the higher your interest rate and the more money you get immediately.

HEXN is an advanced lending company that stays on a robust technical infrastructure and meets all industry standards while remaining dynamic and innovative. Sound risk management is HEXN’s priority – the company only works with expert asset managers who make profitable investments daily and know how to minimize the number of possible losses.

The HEXN team does an excellent job of asset management, distributing client capital among professional institutional investors with high return on investment and using advanced CEX and DEX market participation strategies.

What makes HEXN.IO unique is that the company avoids allocations between illiquid counterparties or counterparties exposed to illiquid tokens and assets. Such a reasonable approach ensured that HEXN was not affected by the recent FTX situation in any way.

HEXN.IO has already managed to earn the trust of thousands of investors around the world. Now, the company plans to bring more innovative offerings to the crypto world: a simple and accessible smart exchange, lending services and trading robots are currently under development.

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