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Metacade offers the best game to win crypto games. Invest now to make a fortune in 2023 |

With gaming already a $200 billion industry, it’s no surprise it’s being called upon to grow dramatically over the next few years. However, the industry has its flaws and blockchain technology is seen as a way to restore the balance of power in the gaming industry, moving it away from big business interests and delivering it to gamers.

Play to win looks set to redefine the industry, so finding the projects with the best play to win crypto games is essential for investors looking to maximize their earnings over the next year, looking for the best crypto investment for high yields.

What is the Metacade?

The recent unveiling of Metacade white paper gave industry experts a clear picture of what Metacade project seeks to achieve. At the heart of their strategy is building the biggest play-to-earn arcade in the metaverse while growing a strong community of supporters. Ultimately, Metacade intends to become a DAO, handing key roles and responsibilities for managing the platform to its users.

On Metacade, rewards should not only be issued for playing the best game to win crypto games, but also for other actions on the platform. Players who participate in competitive games and tournaments can win rewards (and other prizes), but users do not necessarily need to play games to win. Contributions that improve the user experience on the platform are also rewarded, such as writing game reviews or interacting with other members.

How does Metacade work?

The innovative rewards approach provides a set of incentives to all users that drive constant improvement in the Metacade ecosystem. This helps create a gradual feedback loop – resulting in increased user growth, who in turn contribute more to the platform to earn rewards.

The MCADE token acts as the currency of the Metacade project, which means it is heavily used when players interact with the platform. Use cases can be found for any exchange of value that takes place, such as entering a tournament, buying goods and, of course, receiving rewards.

MCADE can also be staked by holders, which further incentivizes investors to hold the token for the long term. The project is clearly intended to incentivize all investors to hold, with staking rewards issued in stablecoins to prevent the circulating supply of MCADE from being diluted.

While Metacade set out to launch the arcade with all the best games to win crypto games, it also has a strategy to ensure that it remains the project with the best game to win crypto games in the longer term as well .

The main driver of this comes from the Metagrants program, which allows game developers to show the Metacade community their ideas for new games. MCADE holders can then use their tokens to vote on which projects they believe deserve funding, ensuring that only the titles the community deems to be the best get developed.

This end-to-end strategy is why many investors are touting Metacade as the best crypto investment in a long time and why the pre-sale is selling out so quickly, with the project raising $4.5 million in just 10 weeks.

What price can MCADE reach?

The game is a $200 billion market already, which means the user base is known to be there and is expected to grow. Even in conservative models, if Metacade were able to secure even a small slice of the market – as little as 1% of the overall game – it would mean phenomenal gains for MCADE holders.

With the tokenomics metacade set up to help investors achieve the gains they want, a market cap of $2 billion (1% of the game’s total market), would mean the price of MCADE had shot up to 1 $, with the price up an incredible 125x since its pre-sale beta phase.

Is Metacade a good investment?

Metacade’s enormous growth potential coupled with intense investor interest is a sure sign that the project is likely to be successful. As the platform continues to build on its huge arcade, with all the top games to win crypto games, the price of MCADE is likely to rise significantly, making Metacade the best crypto investment for crypto fans. and beyond.

You can participate in the MCADE presale here.

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