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More Company gamifies employee engagement with NFTs

The Plus Company has a new, NFT-driven experience intended to drive connections between its more than 3,000 employees.

Called PlusConnect, the program was developed by Plus Company agencies We Are Social, Socialize and Fuseproject with the assistance of computational artist radaroy3000 and NFT art advisor Valuart. A key part of the program is a dynamic NFT collection featuring 25 base designs – one for each of the companies in the network – that essentially gamifies employee interactions.

“We have a few agencies that are deep experts in this technology, and this is the first time we’ve pulled that expertise into discussions of our employee engagement program,” says Melanie Dunn, president of Plus Company Canada. “As we were talking with them, we were wondering if there is a way to do something different this time. We had a couple of focus groups asking our employees if there was anything they were wanting to hear about or engage with, and overwhelmingly, our employees expressed a desire to learn more about Web 3.0.”

The NFTs evolve as employees connect through the network, enabling them to customize their NFTs while unlocking perks like gift cards, vacation days, exclusive events and chances to meet other employees in real life, around the world. Top participants from each of the company’s agencies will also be invited to join the PlusConnect Innovation DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), which will have control over the company’s first employee-directed innovation fund.

“We aim to foster employee connections, but also give them more opportunities to experience Web 3.0. This is not the traditional training we’re giving people, this is an experience they’re all going through together as opposed to just learning academically,” explains Dunn. “It is another way of keeping engagement going while also promoting innovation across our ranks without the typical bureaucratic model of a top-down approach with management deciding what makes sense or is celebrated. This is more of an employee-led initiative.”

With the ecological impact of its activities top of mind, the Plus Company made conscious decisions on who to partner with in the initiative, ultimately selecting Polygon as its host and Ethereum as the currency. Ethereum has recently made strides to make its crypto and blockchain products – notorious for their carbon footprints – more environmentally friendly by reducing its energy consumption.

The NFTs will be live for three months, at which point the collection will be locked and stored in the blockchain.


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